Russian Phrase of the Day! We are going to run errands.


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What’s something you do to prep for or survive a big day running errands? To sweeten the workload, I like to drive through Chick-fil-a with the kids to grab a warm, soft chocolate chip cookie on our way home. This week, we’re using phrases we say while running errands. If you signed up for our free, language starter pack that includes a challenge with phrases you use when loading everyone in the car, you can combine this week’s phrases with the car phrases to talk even more while you’re out and about! So much free stuff! I’m here for ya, Mama! 😜

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Darian, how do you feel when I say that we need to do errands?

That’s how I felt as a kid, too.

So this week, because we have to do what we have to do,

this week our phrases are dedicated
to running errands.

And you need to get this calendar, it’s for free.

Give us a DM, or link in the bottom,
and vote us, or…

Yes, and then you can get the Phrase of the Day calendar in the language of

your choice. Today, we’re going to do the phrase, “We’re going to run errands.”

It kind of varies per language.

It could be “We’re going to run errands,”
or, “We need to run errands.”

Just whatever felt more natural in the language that you’re learning.

And we’re going to do it in one language, though.

So Darian, grab that random language generator,

and let’s show everybody how, and then push it.

I’m trying to make it move.

Did you push it?

Push it.

What did you get? Romanian!

Okay, if you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow

along in the app with language that you’re learning.

If not, try this out with us in Romanian,

or get your copy of the book!

All right, let’s do this Darian.

So to go to this, you’re going to go to, “G.”
I’m the sign people!

The arrow pointing at the buildings.

Look out, it’s mommy! Look at mommy!


You’d be pretty good at that.

I actually did it with a…

And then we’re going to go over to, “Go.”
…a fence post.

Did you really? And you were like, practicing?
Yeah, there’s a video!

Dad made a video, I flipped it and I caught it.
Daddy made a video of it?

I’ve got to watch that video.

Okay, and then we’re going to go down to the bottom where

“We need to run some errands”.

So let’s try this out in Romanian.

Remember when you’re learning a foreign language, just jump

in and start talking.

It’ll take some time to hear the sounds.

So we’re going to do our best in Romanian.

We don’t speak Romanian,

but we’re going to do it now, and we’re going to have fun doing it.

Let’s try it.


I’m going to start that over so everyone

can hear it instead of your encouragement,

which I do appreciate. Let’s try this.

I do appreciate it.

Here we go.

Thank you.


“să rezolvăm”
“să rezolvăm”


I like that one, “niște.”


“Trebuie să rezolvăm niște treburi.”
“Trebuie să rezolvăm niște treburi.”

Sorry, there was something in my eye.

If you saw my eye like, do this, there was like, something…

There was something in it?

Well, that was a tricky phrase. That’s going to take me a while.

Do you want to try it one more time in Romanian?



I’m kind of feeling like the, “niște” thing;

I kind of like that part.

That means, “some”.

Okay, here we go.


“să rezolvăm”
“să rezolvăm”



“Trebuie să rezolvăm niște treburi.”
“Trebuie să rezolvăm niște treburi.”

You’re getting that last word better than
I am getting it.

That one’s kind of tricky.

I have everything up until that last word.

But after a couple days, I’ll get that down.

So to teach your kids this phrase, whenever you want to torture

them and go run some errands, then you can say, “We need to run some errands.”

Say it in the language and then let them

know what it means.
What if you trick me, and you say we’re

going to go get ice cream and then
that was at the end?

And the ice cream was at the end?

I call that a mom win!

Tag me in your stories on the best way that you get your kids to

run errands with you happily @talkboxmom.

Okay, see you in the stories. Bye!

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