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I interrupt your regular social media content for random information that is usually only seen on Jeopardy!  I’ll go first, as long as you join me in the comments! Do you know where the word “salary” is derived? Its Latin root is “salarium,” used in paying Roman soldiers in salt! Salt was so valuable back then, they would sometimes pay Roman soldiers in salt goods. Salt to salary. There ya go! Some people dispute the claim, but there’s enough historians out there who say this is true for me to think it would show up in a Jeopardy questions some day!

Use today’s phrase, “I know the answer!” the next time you are playing a trivia game with this awesome salt knowledge you now have! ha!

Now it’s your turn! What’s the most random thing you know?!

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Today is the Phrase of the Day!

And what’s today’s phrase, Darian?
Back to school.

That’s our theme.

Do you remember what today’s phrase is?

It’s, “I know the answer.”
And if you want to get our back-to-school

phrases, you can DM or comment us,
comment here for the

Phrase of the Day calendar.

Darian and I, are going to try out this phrase in one language.

We have the TalkBox.Mom companion
app open.

And, if you have the $35 phrasebook, then your book will show

up in the app.

So I’m going to also show you how to get it if you already

have the book like so many of you do.
So let’s try this out.

Here we go. Darian, grab the
random language generator and

push that button for us,
so we can learn how to say,

“I know the answer.”

All right, go for it. Go!

You pushed it?

There we go.

All right, we’re going to be doing this in Russian.

To get to the phrase,

you’re going to want to go to “K” in the book.

I’ll find “K” in the book-book.

Will you now?
And then you’re going to go to, “Know”

I have it upside down. And then we’re going to do, “I know the answer.”

Okay, Darian, are you ready for this?


“Ya” “Ya” “znayu” “znayu” “otvet!” “otvet!”

“Ya znayu otvet!”
“Ya znayu otvet!”

Woah, you sounded really nice, Darian.
That was, like, one of the first few phrases that

I’ve ever done in Russian, and it was very fun.

So that was cool. To teach a child this phrase

what you can do, is when you know the answer, they know the

answer, you can play the audio

again, and then say it,
so that can start, that can

start to become a
phrase that you use in your house.


Well, thanks for joining us for today’s
Phrase of the Day.

We will see you tomorrow.



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