Russian Phrase of the Day! Don’t fight.


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Where are my fellow boy moms?! I was blessed with 3 boys, which means a lot of fighting in our house. Not necessarily angry fighting but mostly play fighting. Anything can become a weapon at any moment in our home. Can you feel me on that? Ha! You thought they were just headphones until they’re being used to take down their brother who is now a zombie. Use the phrase, “Don’t fight,” the next time your boys or girls are just getting a little too rambunctious.

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You want to go? You want to go?

Hey, “Don’t fight.”

That is our phrase today.

This week, we are focusing on phrases for kids that fight, and you know how that is

if you have more than one kid or one kid.

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Darian is going to use the random language generator and we’re going to learn

how to say “Don’t fight” in a foreign language.

So Darian, if you could get that generator-

Don’t push it yet.

It’s not quite ready.

Okay, if you could get that ready and go for it when you’re ready.

All right.

You got Russian.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook in the language that you’re learning,

I’m going to show you how to find it in the app.

Otherwise try it out in Russian with us.

So we’re going to go over to “D” for don’t.

Or do.
Or do.

Do fight?

Do I fight?

No, like-
Would I say that?

Do fight?
Here, get all the way in.

Yeah, “Don’t fight.”

So, here we go on that one.

“Don’t fight.”

Are you ready?

They have it for one and then to 2+.

We’ll do to one because you’re the one who’s doing it, Darian.

Do you usually get blamed?

Here’s the question.

Do you usually get blamed, or does your little brother usually get blamed

for fighting or teasing? Who usually gets blamed the most?

You know.
Tell everybody. They want to know.

Why do you get blamed more?

Because I fight a little bit more than my brother.

Okay, or is it that he gets you started and then he gets you in trouble?

Yeah. Mostly like that.

You think it’s like that? It’s always like that,
I feel like.

Okay, here we go.



“Ne deris`.”
“Ne deris`.”

“Ne deris`.” That’s my best Russian.

When you’re just starting a foreign language, you can’t hear all the sounds.

If we spent lots of time every day learning Russian, we’d hear more of it,

and it would be even better.

Why is there a foot right here?
Oh, you’re fighting!


Okay, let me hear it again so I can say it.

So to teach your child this phrase, you would hear it.


“deris`” “deris`”

“Ne deris`.”
“Ne deris`.”

And then you would use it with them.

“Ne deris`.”

And if they don’t know what you mean you’d say that means “Don’t fight,”

and then you’d say it again.

“Ne deris`.” And you would use it.

I won’t ever fight with Mr. Sockman.

Oh good.

All right, if you’re using this phrase, please tag us in your Instagram stories @talkboxmom,

and we will see you in the stories.

Bye, see you guys!

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