Romanian Phrase of the Day! We’ve got a stinky diaper!


in the language of your choice!

“Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from your grandmother – you’re not sure what you’ve got, but you’re pretty sure you’re not going to like it.” A good one form the Comedian Jeff Foxworthy. 😂
Sometimes though, you DO know what you have before you change that diaper! Today’s phrase is, “We’ve got a stinky diaper.” Whew! You are probably recalling an extra smelling diaper from the past right now. Ha! Well, here’s to the day when you change your last stinky diaper!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide with TalkBox.Mom

where you start talking in a
foreign language from day one,

and this is our last day for our
theme of the week of baby phrases.

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phrases, please comment below

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Today I’m going to be doing the phrase,

“We’ve got a stinky diaper”

and I’m going to be showing it
to you in one language,

but if you already have
the $35 phrase book, I’m going to

show you how to find it in the
companion app that comes with your book.

So, I’m doing this phrase…

… oh my Heavens!

I’m doing this phrase in Romanian!

I don’t use Romanian at home,
but I’m going to give my best

go, just like if I were
starting to do Romanian.

So, I’m going to head over to my books,
and I’m going to go down to

Romanian. Now for you to find it
in your app too; you’re going to

want to go down to “D” and then
head on over to “Diaper.” Perfect.

Okay! So, op! It’s the first one
for diaper, which makes sense.

So, “We’ve got a stinky diaper.”

I can see that they’re using
Pampers for diaper, which they

also do in Germany because
it’s a very popular brand.

And, so, that makes sense.

Just kind of how like we use like,
Ziploc bags or Tupperware, right?

We’re using the brand name. So, anyways this something I caught on to that looks fun.

Okay, so to use this phrase,
all you have to do is when your baby

has a stinky diaper is
just say it, and it’s the same thing

you’re doing in English

when like, “We’ve got a stinky diaper.”

It’s exactly how you’re teaching
your baby English, but now

you’re teaching your baby
the phrase in a foreign language.

So, easy-peasey! Let’s do this!

“Avem” “Avem”

“un pampers” “un pampers”

“împuțit.” “împuțit.”

“Avem un pampers împuțit.”

“Avem un pampers împuțit.”

Okay, I want to try it again just to see
how I heard it all.

Sorry, I was like also regulating the volume,

so I hope it wasn’t
too loud and then too quiet,

but here we go.

“Avem” “Avem”

“un pampers” “un pampers”

“împuțit.” “împuțit.”

“Avem un pampers împuțit.”

“Avem un pampers împuțit.”

That’s my best go on my
Romanian. Starting my Romanian there.

So, I would just say that to my baby

so they catch on to the idea.
Now, whatever language you’re

using this phrase in,
we would love to see you using it with

your family, and have you
inspire other families who are just starting.

So, post a video of you using the phrase
in your Instagram stories and tag us

@talkboxmom so that we
can celebrate with you!

All right, I’ll see you
in the Instagram stories. Bye!

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