Romanian Phrase of the Day! This is my favorite game.

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My favorite game to do with family or friends are escape rooms! It’s just so much fun to figure things out and solve a mystery! In another life, I’d love to be a race car driver or someone who solves crimes. Because those 2 things totally fit the personality of someone who loves foreign language? 😆🤷‍♀️ Use the phrase, “This is my favorite game,” the next time it’s game night at your house!

Tell me… what’s your favorite game to play with friends or family? I’d love to hear some fun ideas!

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Are you ready for family game night?!

Because we have another phrase for you to use.

Woo hoo!

And this phase is, “This is my favorite game.”

I think this phrase, if you say it in a foreign language

and people are trying to choose between games,

you can say it in the foreign language

and say, “This is my favorite game.”

That would be so much fun!

And it will convince everyone else

to want to play with you

because they know it’s your favorite.

And you said it in a foreign language

so it’s going to give you a leg up there.

So we’re going to try this out in one language,

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Oh yeah, right below here.

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Yeah, you’ll be so, so happy.

I lost my grammar there.


I said, “so much happy.”

Oh, you said your grammar?


Oh, yeah, your grammar got funny?

Because you could hear that?

You know what’s interesting about that, Darian,

is that when you’re learning a foreign language

and you’re learning how to say the phrases,

when you say something wrong,

you hear that your grammar got off

just like you did with English.

And so you actually understand the grammar better

because you can— You have an ear for it!


Really cool, huh?

Okay, so you grab that random language generator,

Mr. Darian, and let’s try this out in a language.

Go for it.

All right, we have Romanian.

That’s not a language we do at home.

So we’re going to try this out.

Okay, “This is my favorite game.”

If you already have the $35 phrasebook

in the language of your choice,

I’m going to show you how to find it.

Okay, Darian, what letter—

Let me point to it—

do I need to go to?


Yes! So let’s go down to “G”


And what word am I going to?

Can you see that?

What word do I need to go to?


Yep, “Game.”

And then— And then “Use Romanian.”

That’s the one you chose, “Use Romanian.”

Okay, here we go!

So, “This is my favorite game.”

Let’s just try this out.

We’re going to give it a go.

“Ăsta e” “Ăsta e”

“jocul meu” “jocul meu”

“preferat.” “preferat.”

“Ăsta e jocul meu preferat.” “Ăsta e jocul meu preferat.”

I kind of got it.

Could you hear what the word “preferat” is?

Yes, a “preferat.” “Preferat.”

But do you know what word

it kind of sounds like in English?

Prefer— I’m trying to think, let me think.



Yeah, my preference, right?

So this is like “My preferred game.”

You can hear the cognate.

That’s when the words sound the same.

Sometimes though, Darian, there are false cognates.

You think they sound like the word but they’re not.

A really good example is in German.

The word “gift” in English means?

Like a gift—

You like give a gift— A present?

Yeah, like it’s something nice.

But in German, if I said, “Here’s a gift,”

I’m giving you poison.

Do you want a gift in German?


No, that’s a false cognate

and you don’t want to use that one.

Here’s a gift.

If you used it wrong, someone would be like—

and then you’d be like, “Wait, what happened?”

And then you would never forget that false cognate.

So let’s— Here’s a gift.


Okay, so let’s try this again in Romanian.

And let’s listen to our real true cognate.

Okay, here we go.

“Ăsta e” “Ăsta e” “jocul meu” “jocul meu”

“preferat.” “preferat.”

“Ăsta e jocul meu preferat.” “Ăsta e jocul meu preferat.”

“Ăsta e jocul meu preferat.”

Do you know what? That was a really good first one.

Here, high five.

As you keep using the phrase,

it will get easier and easier to use.

We would love to see in your stories,

you trying out this phrase in the language of your choice.

Okay, so we’ll see you there.

Bye! Bye!


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