Romanian Phrase of the Day! The grass is so green.


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Darian once said, “We have the grass of my nightmares.” Haha! We don’t know much about lawns, so still not sure what happened to it. To Darian, it looked like a poop minefield! Thank goodness our 87 year old neighbor knows everything about lawns and was sweet enough to tell us to seek professional help and gave us the number to his lawn guys. 😂 Hopefully your lawn looks a little better than ours did, so you can use the phrase, “The grass is so green,” the next time you’re playing outside with your kids!

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The grass is green.

Look out your window.

Don’t stay inside and play video games.

Hello, and welcome-
Look outside and have a picnic!

And look at the green grass and watch that ant kick that to his anthill and then

squash it!

All right, we are working on nature phrases this week with

our foreign language phrases.
Nature! Which we love.

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the phrase calendar for the week.

Sorry, that got kind of weird.

All right, so today’s phrase is what Darian started singing,

“The grass is so green”.

I always noticed that in like, the spring
and then in the

summer a little bit and then at the end of the summer, it’s

not more green. How is our grass?
Tell us, how is our-

Darian one time said,
“We have the grass of my nightmares.”

Do you remember that?
When I was little.

Yeah, I’m like, “It looks like somebody pooped all over our lawn.”

Oh, thank you.

Nobody pooped all over our lawn.

But it’s like so muddy in the summer…

Okay, grab that random language generator,

Darian, and let’s-

Oh, you chose Romanian.

So, if you have the $35 phrasebook in the language of your

choice, it’s going to show up in the app.

I’m going to show you how to get there.

And if not, try this out with us in Romanian.

So to get to this phrase, you’re going to want to go down

to, “G” for:

For, “Grass”.

I love how Darian always chooses
a different word. Gold?

“The grass is so green.”

Here we go.


“e așa”
“e așa”

“de verde.”
“de verde.”

“Iarba e așa de verde.”
“Iarba e așa de verde.”

That was a good start for Romanian.

High five, there.

I have a question for you, Darian.

Did you notice the word “verde?”

Yeah, it’s something like-
Green in Spanish?

Do you know why?

There are five languages that share a lot because they’re Romantic languages,

so they sound similar. Spanish-

Romantic, from the Romans. Not like-
Oh, that makes sense.

But the Romans were romantic I guess.

Anyways, so they were pretty-
The Romans made the sewers.


They made the first sewer ever.

I love it.

You’re such my documentary boy.


So Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese,

and…who am I forgetting?

I forgot something-Italian!

There we go. Italian.

So those ones, if you learned those five languages, they’re

all kind of similar and you can learn
them really easily

between each other because you’ll notice things like this.


So when you’re using this phrase, if
you say it your kids

don’t know what you mean, say it again in English and then

or point to it, right, and then say it again
in the foreign

language in Romanian,

so your kids can make that association.

Remember, you don’t have to memorize before you learn a phrase.

The point is to use it.

Use it until it feel so easy.
Do you remember the inside-outed balloon?

So use the-
It’s still alive!

Use the phrase-
No! You killed it!

Use the phrase until it just feels so easy that you remember it,

and when you’re using it, tag us in our Instagram stories @talkboxmom.

All right, see you guys!


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