Romanian Phrase of the Day! The food tastes so good

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Although you know that Hector is a better cook than me, I can grill a mean steak! There’s nothing better than grilling in the summer! What’s a favorite dinner in your home? The next time your kids take a bite of your cooking, they can practice saying, “This food taste so good,” which might just get them some dessert from Mom! Ha!

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Today, we’re doing the phrase,

“The food tastes so good,”

because whenever I cook

the food tastes so good, right Darian?

Yes, yes, yes.

Oh, I think you’re lying.

No, I’m not.

You like when I cook?

Oh, you’re being– he’s being nice. Not lying.

He’s being nice.

I don’t think it tastes very good when I cook.

Okay, so today we’re going to do this phrase

in one language.

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And Darian, why don’t you choose

what language we’re going to be doing.

Go for it.

And hit it. Harder, it’s not working.

Okay, you chose Romanian.

What’s Romanian?

It’s in Romania. It kind of…

it’s a Latin-based language.

So I think you’re going to get a ear for it.

You’ve tried it a couple of times.

So if you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can try out this phrase

in the language of your choice.

Darian got chocolate all over

our random language generator.

I’ll just lick this off. Oh my gosh, please don’t.

Okay, so let’s do, “The food tastes so good.”

Not the random language generator

tastes so good, Darian.

So we’re going to go down to “T”

if you already have the book.

“T” for “Tall.”

And we’re going to go over to, “Taste.”

It’s always, like, a good phrase to learn,

like things that taste good,

so if you’re at someone’s house

and they speak the language, you can say that

after you eat

instead of just being like, good.

We’ll just be like,

“Wow, the food tastes so good!”

So good.

Yeah, so let’s try this one out. You ready?


“Mâncarea” “Mâncarea” “are” “are”

“un gust” “un gust”

“foarte” “foarte” “bun.” “bun.”

“Mâncarea are un gust foarte bun.”

“Mâncarea are un gust foarte bun.”

“foarte” “foarte bun.” “foarte bun.”

I have to hear that again.

You want to try it one more time?

Let’s get it. I think we can get this.

“Mâncarea” “Mâncarea” “are” “are”

“un gust” “un gust”

“foarte” “foarte” “bun.” “bun.”

“Mâncarea are un gust foarte bun.”

“Mâncarea are un gust foarte bun.”

Okay, that one was taking us a while,

but it is fun to say.

So for us to practice more,

every time we eat something,

and it tastes good–

It’s like right there and I can touch it.

Yeah you can like touch it.

Well every time we eat something good,

like that peanut butter cup you popped in

your mouth when we started filming.

Do you have the wrapper in your mouth?

I like eating paper sometimes.

Oh my gosh, kids.

Okay, thanks for joining us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

Practice saying this phrase every time

your mom cooks because every time

your mom cooks,

it’s good whether the food tastes good or not.

All right. See you all tomorrow. Bye.



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