Romanian Phrase of the Day! That was the wind

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We moved into a “haunted house” after elementary school. Someone from my brother’s class couldn’t believe we moved in there and had to visit us to see that he wasn’t lying! When it was windy, it would creak and crack everywhere, making it feel pretty spooky! It was a really fun house. I remember being so scared. Sometimes I would hear people walking upstairs in the house, but no one was there. My mom would say, “That was the wind,” but I didn’t believe her. Ghosts, right?! Have you ever lived or stayed in a spooky house?

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“That was the wind.”

That’s today’s Phrase of the Day

because sometimes you get scared

at home and you want to say,

“Oh, that was the wind. It was nothing.” Right?

“That was the wind.”

So we’re going to try that out

but you can DM us or comment below for what, Nolan?

For our Phrase of the Day calendar, which comes from

our phrasebook.

From our phrasebook. And you can try that out.

So, Nolan and I are going to

try this in one language from the phrasebook.

Nolan, can you get the random language generator,

right here, to try out the phrase?


Go for it. Okay.

We’re going to try this phrase out in Romanian together.

If you already have,

if you already have the book,

then I’ll show you where to find it in the app.

You’re going to go down to “W” It’s right there.

Right there. And then go over to,




Thanks for telling our friend to go over to, “Wind,” Nolan.

All right. Now let’s try this phrase out. You ready?


Can you say it to our friend and they can hear you try it?


Okay, we’re going to say it to you, friend. Here we go.

“Ăsta” “Ăsta” “a fost” “a fost” “vântul.” “vântul.”

“Ăsta a fost vântul.” “Ăsta a fost vântul.”

That was nice Nolan. That was really nice.

Okay, let’s say it like we heard something.

“Ăsta a fost vântul.”
“Ăsta a fost vântul.”

And we’re just starting this phrase,

so as we use it more and more

we’ll hear the sounds more and more,

and any word that Nolan’s skipping,

he’ll start adding those words in

as he hears this phrase more and more.

So for his first efforts, I want to say, “awesome job Nolan.”

You were fabulous. And we would love for you

to try out this phrase in your stories

so we can hear you trying out the phrase with your family.

We’ll see you in the stories.

Bye! Bye!


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