Romanian Phrase of the Day! I’m going to sneeze!

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Oh man! My husband can sneeze so many times that God bless you turns into… Lord save you! Allergies are the worst. And right at the start of spring, for the first time, Darian’s eyes got itchy and he started yelling, “I’m going to sneeze.” And achooooooo! 🤧 He literally feared the worst until I told him it was allergies. He decided it was okay because he loves living in Texas in the spring because he can fish everyday and ride his bike. Do you love where you love even with allergies or are you dreaming of a different town?


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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day!

We’re doing, this week’s theme
is: wonderful weather,

but with beautiful weather comes allergies.

So today’s phrase is,
“I’m going to sneeze.”

I’m Adelaide, the owner of TalkBox.Mom,

where you talk in a foreign language
with your family the

same day you start. And I have a special guest,

Mr. Hand.

Hello, everybody!

My name is Mr. Hand.

What Adelaide said. Yes!

Okay. So Mr. Hand,

you get to choose which language
we’re going to do this

Phrase of the Day in.
And if you guys want to follow along

in the language of your choice;
what can they do,

Mr. Hand, to get our Phrase of the Day calendar?

They can do DMs, and they can
comment down below.

That’s right, Mr. Hand.

They can comment down below or do DMs.

All right. Mr. Hand,

are you ready to choose which
language we’re going to be

doing this phrase in?

Yes, I’ll get the random language generator.

Okay, here is the random language generator.
If you would

push that for us, Mr. Hand.

Okay, you chose Romanian!

Are you ready?

I got…

Are you ready, Mr. Hand,

to do the Phrase of the Day?

I’m trying to make it light again in here.

Got a little dark.

Okay. To get to this phrase,

we’re going to go to “S” and then we’re going to go over- “S” for “Superhand.”

-for “Superhand.”

I love it!

We’re going to go over to, “Sneeze.”
And Mr. Hand,

If I could ask you to speak a little louder,
would that be

okay? Okay!

All right, perfect.


So the phrase again is, “I’m going to sneeze,” and we’re doing

this in Romanian.

So let’s give it a go.

“O să” “O să” “strănut” “strănut”.
“O să strănut.” “O să strănut.”

“O să strănut.” “O să strănut.”
We’re just starting Romanian,

so if you’re doing it at home, and
you’ve been working on

this, I’m sure you did an excellent job.

We’re just trying it out.

But Mr. Hand, I think that was a good start.

What do you think?
Yes, that was a very good start.



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