Romanian Phrase of the Day! I need to poop.


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This is a phrase you never want to hear your kid say in a public place, far from a bathroom: “I need to poop.” We can’t control these things, but at least we can control who hears it! Today’s phrase will have your children saying, “I need to poop” and hopefully be saving you the embarrassment of bathroom talk in public!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom, and we’re doing

our foreign language Phrase of the Day. This week

we’ve been focusing on embarrassing things

as our theme and this next phrase is something you never want

to hear when you’re out doing something with your kids

and you’re far from a restroom.

It is, “I need to poop.”

Oh my gosh, when I have a little one who’s suddenly says

that or like “I have to go the bathroom” and I’m like, oh just

hold it and they’re like “I need to poop.” and I’m like, oh

my gosh, this is going down or going out.


So, if you want to make it not so embarrassing, you can totally

do it in a foreign language.

If you want to follow along,

we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar that you can get

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If you want to follow along in the app, you just need your

$35 phrase book that comes with the companion app where you’ll

see the book in it.

So, today we’re going to be doing the phrase in…


So, to get to it in the app, you’re going to go to “P” and

then since this is a book for families, there’s an entire section

dedicated to poop.

So, we’re going to head over there, and we’re going to go to

the phrase, “I need to poop.”

So, here it is, and we’re learn how to say it in Romanian.

“Trebuie” “Trebuie” “sa fac” “sa fac” “caca” “caca”

“Trebuie să fac caca.”

Okay, I got to hear that again.

My ears needed that longer.

Hold on.

I’m having trouble clicking.

I’m holding too many things.


So, which one…

Oh my gosh, okay.

Replay it again! “Trebuie” “Trebuie” “să fac”


Okay, so I don’t speak Romanian in my home.

So, this is a sound that they’re saying that’s very new to

me, and I can’t hear it all the way, and that happens when

you’re starting.

So, when you’re starting you just want to give it your best,

and over time,

you’re going to hear it better and better as you listen and

relax about your pronunciation.

So, I’m going to relax about mine, and give this my

best go, which it’s like a silly it’s a really silly phrase

that I’m like really trying to say!


Here we go! “Trebuie”

“Trebuie” “să fac” “să fac”

“caca.” “caca.” “Trebuie să fac caca.”
“Trebuie să fac caca.”

That’s my best Romanian.

So, I know our Romanian families can do a lot better because they’ve

been working on it.

So, if you’re using this phrase or you have like a funny video

you want to use this phrase in, in a foreign language tag us

on Instagram @talkboxmom and we would love to feature

you. See you on Instagram!

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