Romanian Phrase of the Day! I feel a lot better.

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There’s nothing more that makes me thankful for my health than getting sick! I am happy to end this week on a cheerful note with today’s phrase, “I feel a lot better.” Have a happy and healthy weekend!

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Today’s Phrase of the Day is,
“I feel a lot better!”

So, this week we’ve been working on foreign language phrases that have to do

with being and getting sick.

And now today we are a lot better.

So we’re going to learn the phrase,

“I feel a lot better.” Darian, grab that
random language generator,

and let’s see what language we are going to be doing this in today.

Go for it!

It kind of went sooner.

I think I hit something.

Okay, Romanian!


All right.


I don’t feel like you’re very excited there.

There we go.

All right, let’s do this.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,
you can follow along

in the app, and we’ll show you how. What letter are we going to go to, Darian?


Yes! “S” for?

For “Soup!”

For “Sick.”

Okay, we’re going to head over to “Sick.”

And I’m going to sit on my mom’s shoulders.

Oh, please do. Somehow you’re making the lighting go like…

Oh, no, it’s back to normal.

I was, like, really orange.

It’s kind of funny.


So today’s phrase is, “I am a lot better.”

Here it is.

“I’m a lot better.”

What was it?

“I feel a lot better?”

Oh, here it is, “I feel a lot better.”


There’s our “I’m better.”

There’s a lot in this app.

Okay, let’s try this.

“Mă simt” “Mă simt”
“mult” “mult”

“mai bine.” “mai bine.”

“Mă simt mult mai bine.”
“Mă simt mult mai bine.”

“I feel a lot better.”
You can’t see my face because,

I can’t show you my face
because I have no face!

Oh, my gosh! He has no face!

Okay, so I would love for you to
try out this phrase with

your family and to start using it.
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