Romanian Phrase of the Day! I am watering the flowers.

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We have this wonderful 87 year old neighbor who just loves keeping his yard in perfect shape. It’s his pride and joy! He loves looking at a clean lawn so much that he comes over to our yard and helps us to make sure our yard is looking nice. Sometimes I think I should purposefully leave it more unkempt to give him more to do. Ha!! Just kidding… kind of. Hahah! He really loves it! Use today’s phrase with your kids, “I am watering the flowers,” as you are outside talking with your neighbors!

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Hello! This is TalkBox.Mom and we’re doing

Phrase of the Day. We sure are.

And this week’s theme is gardening, and you can

DM us for this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar.

Today’s phrase is, “I am watering the flowers.”

“I am watering the flowers!”

Something that Darian always says when he

goes in the yard, and I want to make sure

I’m like, “what are you doing?”

He’s like, “I’m watering the flowers.”

That’s true, yeah.

Yeah. So that’s a good phrase if

you like gardening. Alright, so if you want to

join us, Darian and I, are going to try out

a phrase together, right?

But if you already have the phrasebook,

you can also listen to the audio in the app for

the language that you have.

And we’ll show you how to get there.

So let’s try out this phrase.

Darian, you got the random language generator?

Okay, hold on.

Let me have this come on in.

Oh, it’s coming.

It’s coming. Just a moment. Go!

Okay. So he chose Romanian.

So I’ve got it here on my phone

in the TalkBox.Mom companion app.

If you have that, go to “F” for “Flower.”

“F” for “Flower.”

Yeah. For flowers and fun.

For flowers and fun because gardening is fun.


Okay. So, “I am watering the flowers.”

Let’s hear it… oh this is really short in Romanian.

I’m, like, all excited.

Okay, here we go.

“Ud” “Ud” “florile.” “florile.”

“Ud florile.” “Ud florile.” “Ud florile.”

Wait, I think I’m saying that…

You say it without me because I can hear you.

I need a little help on the last word. Go.

“Ud” “Ud” “florile.” “florile.”

“Ud florile.” “Ud florile.” “Ud florile.”

Okay, that one is going to take me some time.

Even though it’s short.

I was all excited.

Because Romanian is so new to us,

it has different sounds, but I would say I’m like

sixty percent of the way there, yeah?

But it is fun to say.

So to teach your child this phrase

all you need to do is when you are watering

the flowers, you can say it as you’re doing it,

so your child can make the connection

between what you’re saying and what you mean.

What do you want to say?

Were you going to say something, dude?

Well, thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

I think we’ve caught Darian speechless for once,

and I hope you had fun with us trying out

this phrase in Romanian. Bye. Bye.


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