Romanian Phrase of the Day! Don’t play in the street.

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This week we are using phrases that you might use while in the city! We’ve lived in many places around the world, including large cities like Munich, Germany and Curitiba, Brazil! Although I prefer smaller towns versus big cities, I totally enjoyed our time while we were there! Use the phrase, “Don’t play in the street,” the next time you are out with your kids!

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Today’s phrase is, “Don’t play on the street!”

Because we are doing City Life phrases

with our Phrase of the Day calendar.

Because sometimes you can play in the street,

and some places you cannot play in the street.

So for this phrase,

Nolan and I are going to try it out in a language

and we would love for you to join us.

If you already have the phrasebook,

do you see the phrasebook there, Nolan?

Then I’ll show you how to find it in the app

with my assistant Nolan’s help.

All right, Nolan,

you grab that random language generator,

and let’s find out what language

we’re going to do this phrase in,

“Don’t play in the street.”

Okay, ready?

And choose the language, little guy.

All right, you chose—

Are you okay?


You’re not okay?

I am.

I am okay. Oh, you are okay.

He’s like please don’t kiss me, mom.

And— Romanian, okay.

So to get to this phrase to try it out,

we’re going to go to “S” and then,

we’re going to go—

You working on your hair there?

over to “Street”

which is very far at the end.

So I’m just going to throw it down there down to “Street.”

High-five, Nolan.

Nolan, high-five.

Oh my gosh!

Okay. What’s our phrase?

“Don’t play in the street.” Here we go!

“Nu te juca” “Nu te juca”

“pe stradă.” “pe stradă.”

“Nu te juca pe stradă.” “Nu te juca pe stradă.”

Let’s take it slower, Nolan.

You ready?

“Nu te juca”

“Nu te juca”

Like that slow? I’m at like, “Let’s pause in between,

but we can do that.”

“Nu te juca” You said it—

“pe stradă.” “pe stradă.”

Okay, here we go.

Here’s the full phrase.

“Nu te juca pe stradă.”

“Nu te juca pe stradă.”

Okay, sometimes this is helpful for Nolan to focus

is to use funny voices. Huh?

So to teach your child this phrase,

you can say it in English

and then say the phrase in the foreign language.

I recommend it that way.

So your child knows what’s going on

and there’s no like safety concern.

So then you can start using this phrase in your home

if there’s a place they can’t play in the street,

which happens to us, Nolan.

When we go on a trip to another country,

sometimes the kids will start playing in the street

and I’ll say, “Oh, don’t play in the street

because it’s not a place to play in the street.”

And that’s something that we’ll use on one of our trips.

Yeah. Nolan?

Okay, tell everybody thank you. Thank you!

Thanks for joining us, see you! Bye!


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