Romanian Phrase of the Day! Did you like the book?

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I love talking about books after we’ve read them with the boys. Asking them, “Did you like the book,” is a great conversation starter. Sometimes it’s a quick, “Yeah,” or, “Nope,” but other times they get into talking about what was great or not so great about the book. Use this phrase the next time you’d like to start a conversation with your kids!

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“Did you like the book,”

is today’s Phrase of the Day.

Which is something I always ask Darian

after he finishes another audiobook.

Did you like the book? Right? Or yet your next one,

which Darin loves audiobooks.

How much do you love audiobooks?

So much.

I thought so. All right,

if you’d like this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar,

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And Darian, grab that random language generator.

Let’s try out this phrase in one language together.

You ready? Okay. Oh you pushed that fast.

You got Romanian.

And you can get the $35 phrasebook and

my mom is going to show you how to do it

in the app. Yeah, perfect. If you have that book,

I’ll show you how to find it in the app.

So to get to this phrase

you’re going to just go down to “B”

And that’s page seven.

And then you’re going to go over to, “Book.”

Book, book, book, book, book.

There you go. It’s right there.


Okay. Right next, between boogers and bottles.


Yeah. Boogers and bottles?

I forgot you chose Romanian. Okay?

We’re doing this in Romanian.

So we’re doing, “Did you like the book?”

Here we go.

“Îți place”

“Îți place”



“Îți place cartea?”

“Îți place cartea?”

“Îți place cartea?”

That was a good first try for Romanian.

High five here.

And then, “Did you like the book?” Yes or no?

All right. So to teach your child

this phrase after you finish reading a book,

or listening to an audiobook, you can ask them

and see of they liked the book or not.

All right, thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

Bye. Bye.


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