Romanian Phrase of the Day! Are you having fun?

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Has anyone told you that you’re a great mom lately? Well, you are! At this very moment you’re using your time on social media to find a fun and different way to interact with your kids. Learning a foreign language takes time and consistency, but here you are, showing up! Today’s phrase, “Are you having fun,” can be used in so many ways—not just for a Birthday party! I hope you have fun while you learn this phrase in the language of your choice!

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Are you having fun?

That’s today’s party
Phrase of the Day.

This week we’re working on our phrases, our party phrases.

And, Darian, how can they get a free
Phrase of the Day calendar?

You can DM us or you can see the link down below.

Yeah, and you can comment below.

Okay, perfect.

So today’s phrase is, “Are you having fun,”

and we’re going to do that in one language,

but if you already have the $35 phrasebook, then you can

follow along in the app
and I’ll show you how to find it

in the app because whatever you purchase with TalkBox.Mom

shows up in your app.

Okay, Darian, grab that random language generator and let’s

get, let’s get talking.

All right, what did you choose?

So here I am on my phone, and you can see it projected here,

and I’m going to show
you how to get to this phrase,

“Are you having fun,” in the app.
So I’m going to go to “F”. “F”.

And then I’m going to go over to “fun.”

It’s right there.

And we’re doing this in Romanian?

I don’t speak Romanian.

This is going to be tr…

This is going to be a tri…

There’s going to be a fun try.

Okay, here we go.

Let’s hear it.
“Te distrezi?” “Te distrezi?”

“Te distrezi?” “Te distrezi?”

What do you think of that?
“Te distrezi?” “Te distrezi?”

All the sounds in Romanian
are super new to me,

so this would take me awhile to hear,
but how can we

practice this phrase, Darian?

“Te distrezi?”
Let’s hear it again so you can do it.

Here we go.

“Te distrezi?” “Te distrezi?”
“Te distrezi?” “Te distrezi?”

You know what it kind of reminds me of, and maybe it’s coming from?

It kind of sounds like you’re distressing.

Like when you go to have fun you’re distressing, right?

Does that make sense?

“Te distrezi?” Do you like that?

“Te distrezi?”

Okay, how can we practice this phrase so that we could really learn it?

What could we do?

You could use it everyday at your home, and when you’re doing

like, I don’t know, like a party or at a board game or you’re watching a movie.

Anything. Anything?

So whenever you do a new activity, you could try using it?

I like that idea, thanks.

The more often you use this phrase in the home,

in your home, the more natural that it’s going to become.

All right Darian,

thank you so much for doing today’s
Phrase of the Day with me.

We’ll see you guys tomorrow.



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