German Phrase of the Day: Come over here and clean up your mess.


in the language of your choice!

Here’s a fun phrase just for you, Mom! After a week of being home, you’re probably wanting some cleaning up to happen. I know I am!! Why not have some fun with it and say it in a foreign language?! What’s the one room in your house that you wish could be perfectly clean with just the snap of your fingers?

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Hello and welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day!

All right, and today’s phrase is
“Come over here and clean

up your mess.”


makes some messes.

Nobody can stop making messes.
When you’re doing things, you make messes.

Yeah. Then you have to clean it up. Like playing, making Legos.

Actually put video games.

I was going to say video game. But you can leave the game out

and put it back in. But the game…? Ahh!!


So if you’re following along in whatever language, please

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Today, we are going to be doing the phrase of the day in.. Darian

get the random language

generator button.


Let me set let the button up.

Are you ready?

Yes, we gonna put…

Okay, here we go.

What did it say? German!

Yaaaaaahhhhh! Oh Yahhhh!

To get to this phrase, you’re going to go to M and then Mess

And Darian, we don’t want to be too loud because we might make the microphone

too loud for people’s ears.
Don’t touch the mic. 🙂
No toques nada.

Okay, here we go.

So I’m going to M, I’m going to Mess.

And we’re going to say, “Come over here and clean up the mess.” Now

This is the thing about our program. It’s that the native speakers,

they decided how they would really say in that situation.

So in the German you’re going to notice that they just they’re

saying, “Come here and clean up,” because that’s just how they say it.


Okay, here we go.

“Komm” “Komm”

“her” “her” “und” “und”
“räum” “räum” “auf” “auf”

“Komm her und räum auf.”
“Komm her und räum auf.”
Aus or Auf? Auf.

You don’t have to keep going. I went too far.

Okay, let’s do it again.

So to teach your kids this phrase…
sorry I was rubbing my eyes

Well, I don’t know what you’re doing there

but, to teach your kids this phrase you would first say to

them, you’d say, you’d use it in the language.

So I’d say, “Komm her und räum auf.”

And if Darian looked at me, like he didn’t know what I’m

saying. I’d say that means…

What would you do if you didn’t know? Oh that’s a good face.

I’d say, “That means, ‘Come here and clean up,’ in German.”


Okay, and then I would say, “That’s how you say in German.”

Let’s listen to it.

We got there.

Darian needs some Smart Water.
“Komm” “Komm”

“her” “her” “und” “und”
“räum” “räum” “auf” “auf”

“Komm her und räum auf.”
“Komm her und räum auf.”
Perfect! “Komm her

und räum auf.” And so then you can make the connection…you ok there?

Alles gut?

Okay, you can make the connection between what you’re saying

and what the phrase is. Now remember, it’ll take you a couple

of weeks to a couple of months to hear all the sounds being

said, so be really generous to yourself and to your family

members on how you are saying it. Now we’ll be looking

for you in the

Instagram stories using the phrase, “Come over here and clean

up”. And in your language

it might have the word mess or it might not depending on…

..yep… how the native speakers felt about that one.

Okay, so tag us in the stories

@TalkBoxMom so we can feature you!

Alright, see you tomorrow!
And Mr.

Sock Man is gonna say, “Bye!”

Bye Bye!

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