Italian Phrase of the Day: Let’s put the clothes in the washing machine.

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You know, I thought my laundry pile would have gotten smaller with this whole staying-at-home thing, and yet, I almost feel like it has gotten bigger! How is that even possible when one of my kids will ONLY wear pajamas?! Well, that brings me to today’s Phrase of the Day, “Let’s put the clothes in the washing machine.” If I have to be washing dirty clothes that won’t stop piling up, I might as well make it more enjoyable with a foreign language and have my kids wash the clothes with me… or for me! lol How’s your laundry situation?!


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Hey, it’s Adelaide!

Welcome to today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day! This

week we are doing phrases for cleaning up and today’s phrase

is, “Let’s put the clothes in the washing machine.”

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we are going to be doing this phrase in one language

and as I do this to teach my this phrase I would just use

this phrase whenever we put the clothes in the washing machine.

Let’s go.

“Let’s put the clothes in the washing machine,” right?

I would use that phrase every time you do it, which lots of

opportunities to do that!

So, that’s how I would fit into my day.

So, today we’re going to be doing the phrase in…


So, if you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow

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So, I’m going to go there now to “L.”

And then you’re going to go at the top over to the section

“Laundry” for all your laundry phrases, and then we’re doing,

“Let’s put the clothes in the washing machine.”

So, let’s hear how to say that in Italian.

“Mettiamo” “Mettiamo”
“i vestiti” “i vestiti”

“nella lavatrice.”
“nella lavatrice.”


I’m going to do that one more time slow.

I think Italian is super fun.

We do Spanish and German in our home, but I’m really digging

this. Okay, here we go.

“Mettiamo” “Mettiamo”
“i vestiti” “i vestiti”

“nella lavatrice.”
“nella lavatrice.”

“Mettiamo i vestiti nella lavatrice.” “Mettiamo i vestiti nella lavatrice.”

Okay, so that’s what I would say to my kids, and we would

put it into the washing machine, and we’d get better and better

at it as we use it, which is super fun.

Okay, awesome! If you’re using this phrase in the language

that you’re working on with your family,

be sure to tag us on Instagram with @talkboxmom so that

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See you there!


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