Learn French by Singing The Little Mermaid’s Kiss the Girl

Learn how to sing… in French!

Remember that the song is not the same as the English version.

The French below is the lyrics to the song in the video. The English is to help you understand the French. The English is not meant to be sung. But the French totally is!


Step 1. Read the French lyrics while looking at the English to understand what it is saying.

Step 2. Listen to the French song while reading along.

Step 3. Read the French again while looking at the English. Sort out anything you aren’t positive you know what it means.

Step 4. Practice signing the song until it just becomes so easy.

If the video is missing or there is a problem, please leave a comment, and we will fix it asap.



douce et fragile à la fois.
Elle ne dit rien, elle se tait,
mais ton cœur brûle en secret.
Tu ne sais pas pourquoi,
mais c’est plus fort que toi.
T’aimerais bien l’embrasser.
Look at her,
gentle and fragile at the same time.
She doesn’t say anything, she’s quiet,
but your heart is secretly burning.
You don’t know why,
but you can’t help it.
You’d like kiss her.
Tu rêvais d’elle.
Tu l’attends depuis toujours.
Si c’est un roman d’amour,
faut provoquer l’étincelle.
Et les mots, crois-moi,
pour ça il n’y en a pas.
Décide-toi, embrasse-la
You were dreaming about her.
You’ve always waited for her.
If it’s a love story,
you need to fall head over heels (for her).
And the words, trust me,
there’s no word for this.
Make your choice, kiss her.
 Avec moi maintenant
 Sing with me now
Shalalalala, my oh my…
Il est intimidé.
Il n’ose pas l’embrasser.
Shalalalala, my oh my…
He is intimidated.
He doesn’t dare to kiss her.
Shalalalala, s’il est sage…
Ça serait vraiment dommage.
Adieu la fiancée.
Shalalalala, if he’s wise…
It would be too bad.
Say goodbye to the girl.
Prends-lui la main,
dans la douceur du lagon.
Décide-toi mon garçon,
et n’attend pas demain.
Elle ne dit pas un mot,
et ne dira pas un mot.
Avant d’être embrassée
Take her hand,
in the softness of the lagoon.
Make your choice my boy,
and don’t wait until tomorrow.
She doesn’t say a word,
and she won’t say a word.
Until she’s kissed.
Shalalalala, n’aie pas peur…
Ne pense qu’au bonheur.
Vas-y oui, embrasse-la.
Shalalala, don’t be scared…
Just think of your happiness.
Go on and kiss her.
Shalalalala, n’hésite pas…
Puisque tu sais que toi.
Tu ne penses qu’à ça.
Shalalalala, don’t hesitate…
Since you know that you.
You can’t stop thinking of that.
Shalalalala, c’est si bon…
Ecoute la chanson.
Décide-toi, embrasse-la.
Shalalalala, it feels so good…
Listen to the song.
Make your choice, kiss her.
Shalalalala, vas-y fais vite…
Ecoute la musique.
Embrasse-la, embrasse-la.
Shalalalala, it feels so good…
Listen to the song.
Make your choice, kiss her.

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