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When Hector takes our boys out on walks, there’s one thing they can’t resist picking up: sticks. Are your kids like that too? Our boys are pretty rough and tumble kids, so sticks are a major part of their play. However, Hector is not happy when they bring the sticks inside the house! It’s almost inevitable that the boys will hit the walls, knock over a lamp, or poke out my eyes with a stick! The phrase, “You must leave your stick outside,” keeps the sticks and my eyeballs where they belong.


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We’re continuing on with our phrases that dads say all the time.

Today’s phrase is,
“You must leave your stick outside.”

Is that a classic, classic Hector phrase?

Yes. If you want to follow along for free in the language

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We’re going to be doing- -and don’t forget this book- -we’re going to be doing this phrase in,

this phrase from our book, in one language.

Darian’s going to choose it with a random language generator.

This is Mr. Hand. Who’s Darian?

And if you have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow along

in the language of your choice.

I’ll show you how to get there.

If not, you’re going to be in the phrase with us in, choose it, Darian.

Brazilian Portuguese.

This is Mr. Hand. I don’t know who’s Darian.

Oh, you don’t know who’s Darian?

Oh, Mr. Hand joined us.

Hey Mr. Hand,

I haven’t seen you in awhile.

Can you say it louder?
He wanted to get cotton candy.

Darian went to get cotton candy?


Okay, so to get to this phrase, Mr. Hand,

you’re going to go to, “S”

And then you’re going to go over to, “Stick.”

Mmm. I once had a stick, and then it broke.

And then did your daddy… oh I hit, “Sick.”

No, then a dog took it from me. And I went like this, ahh, get in here. Ahh!

Okay, now I’m at, “Stick,”
which is different than, “Sick.”

Okay, so, “You must leave your stick outside,”
in Portuguese.

“Você” “Você”

“tem” “tem” “que” “que” “deixar” “deixar” “o” “o”

“graveto” “graveto” “lá” “lá” “fora.” “fora.”

“Você tem que deixar o graveto lá fora.”
“Você tem que deixar o graveto lá fora.”

That was my best

try in Brazilian Portuguese.

And that was really fun,

Mr. Hand, to do that with you.

To teach your child this phrase,

when you want to tell them they need to leave their stick

outside, you can get, you know, have it ready,

if you have it hearted, it’ll be on your main screen, or if you’re

practicing it, then you say it to them, if they don’t know what you mean,

say it again in English, and then say it again in the language

that you’re doing, so they can make that association.

All right, and you can always follow that up with, “No sticks in the house.”

If you’re using this phrase, tag us in the Instagram stories.

At, where? @talkboxmom At @talkboxmom

All right, see you there.


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