Language Books for Moms

As moms, we repeat ourselves constantly. For whatever reason, we just aren’t heard the first time… so we get to say things again and again.

“Put your shoes on.” “Please put your shoes on.” “Put your shoes on. We are going out the door.”

My friend Megan Grano from the Break Womb recently came out with a spoof product where you push a button to play one of your common phrases. One of mine would be, “Get in the car!” (I feel like no one takes me seriously when it’s time to go to the car, and in the five seconds it should take to get in the car, I say this 5874x over a 20 minute period.)

This language book series works a lot the same way. What you constantly say in English comes out in a different language.

For example, if in English, you tell your child to come here a lot, push it through to Spanish. “Ven aquí.” “Ven aquí.” “Ven aquí.”

This also works for children. Instead of “Carry me!”, it’s “¡Cárgame!” “¡Cárgame!” “¡Cárgame!”


You just start talking in Spanish?

Well, yes. How are you teaching your child English?

…by talking.

Exactly. This time you can explain what you mean in English as well.

Notice though that you’re using the same concept that WORKED the first time–when you taught your child their first language. You’re not using a new method someone wants to try out on you and make you suffer through with tests.

And guess what?! All that repeating you did is how your children learned to understand and talk the first time.


This book is as cute as it is clever. First you mark the phrases you or your child says the most by coloring in the heart next to the phrases, then you check off each phrases when you master it. So cute!!

Here are some constants for cars and elevators.


And of course, the book comes with native speaker audio that not only helps you sound the part but helps with your understanding and memorization of Spanish.

If you use this book to learn a new language, your family has a huge advantage because you’re embedding the language deep into your minds. Nothing compares to learning a language as life happens. Plus, we have the opportunity to practice constantly with our children.

It makes being a mom and a child the best thing to be when learning a new language.

If you’re curios to see if your family could do this, try our 20 minute challenge.

If you know you’re going to own at this, find your book in our shop here.


Grab a ball, a child, and start the 20 minute challenge. You’ll be shocked at what comes out of your child’s mouth. 

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  1. Hi! It was nice meeting ya’ll tonight at the Home-school convention. We are super excited for this program and can’t wait until Hebrew is available. After doing the ball challenge, the boys were asking me when we could play with the ball in Hebrew.

    Great job with this concept! It is something that I have been looking for.


    1. It was great meeting you and your family! Thanks again for playing the ball challenge with us and pre-ordering the Hebrew.
      That is so cute that your boys wanted to do the ball challenge in Hebrew. We will get that and the book queued up very soon! So happy it will help you and your family on your language journeys! Thanks again.

      1. No problem. Thank y’all for coming up with this. We tried to stop by before we headed out but y’all looked pretty busy. Good luck the rest of the conference and have a safe trip home!