Korean Naptime Phrases – Phrase of the Day Calendar

Learning Korean with your family? Here are six phrases in Korean that you can use for naptime! Be sure to pick and choose which phrases work best for your family!

Listen to the native speaker audio below for all the phrases!
You don’t need to sound perfect when you start. Just have fun!

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낮잠 잘 시간이야.

nat-jam jal see-gan-ee-yah.

It’s time for your nap.

낮잠 잘 시간이에요.

nat-jam jal see-gan-ee-eh-yo.

It’s time for your nap. (honorific)


내 곰돌이 인형 너무 좋아.

nae gom-dol-ee een-hyeong neo-moo joh-ah.

I love my teddy bear.

제 곰돌이 인형 너무 좋아요.

jeh gom-dol-ee een-hyeong neo-moo joh-ah-yo.

I love my teddy bear. (honorific)


그만 놀고, 이제 누워.

geu-man nol-goh, ee-jeh noo-weo.

Stop playing, and lie down please.

그만 놀고, 이제 누워요.

geu-man nol-goh, ee-jeh noo-weo-yo.

Stop playing, and lie down please. (honorific)


속삭여서 말해줄래?

sok-ssag-yeo-seo mal-hae-jool-lae?

Will you please whisper? (to whisper)

속삭여서 말해줄래요?

sok-ssag-yeo-seo mal-hae-jool-lae-yo?

Will you please whisper? (to whisper) (honorific)


애기가 드디어 잠들었어.

eh-gee-gah deu-dee-eo jam-deul-eoss-eo.

The baby is finally asleep.

애기가 드디어 잠들었어요.

eh-gee-gah deu-dee-eo jam-deul-eoss-eo-yo.

The baby is finally asleep. (honorific)


낮잠 잘 잤어?

nat-jam jal jass-eo?

Did you have a nice nap?

낮잠 잘 잤어요?

nat-jam jal jass-eo-yo?

Did you have a nice nap? (honorific)

These phrases are from our phrasebook Use Korean at Home, which is made by native Korean speakers.

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