Japanese Phrase of the Day! You’re wearing the same shirt.

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Hands up: do you have a child who is in LOVE with some Disney character or super hero? Do they have that one shirt that they can’t seem to take off? It’s amazing how kids can wear the same thing over and over and over again with no concern at all. Ha! Well, you can use today’s phrase, “You’re wearing the same shirt,” the next time the your child think the best shirt option is yesterday’s shirt!

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Today’s phrase is,

“You’re wearing the same shirt!”

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Okay, Darian and I

are going to try out this phrase.

“You’re wearing the same shirt” in one language.

If you already have the

$35 phrase book,

then I’m going to show you where to find it

in the app right here.

Yeah, Darian?

Let’s do it.

So get that random language generator.

The app is right there.

Other way, look.


It’s on this side.

Now there?

Uh-huh. It used to be there.

Oh my goodness, maybe I moved it.

Yeah, wait!

Oh, what am I doing

I’m getting crazy over here!

I thought it was weird.

I was like, “I’m usually not in the middle

I thought I was on the end.”

Okay, here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

And I was pointing—

All right. Darian, grab that

random language generator

and choose that language.

Can you do that for us?

I thought it was on the ground.

All right, you chose, “Use Japanese at Home.”

Okay, so if you already have the book,

this is how you get to the phrase.

You want to go down to

“S” for “Say,”

“S” for—

Oh, you want to say a word? “S” for what?


For “Superman.” And we’re going to

go over to the word—

The word for this one is “Same.”

because we’re learning how

they just say “Same” in Japanese.

And so my phone’s having a little hiccup

but it’s coming.

One hour later.

One hour later!

I think, there we go. Okay.

Sometimes when I’m plugged into my computer,

it does funny things.


“You’re wearing the same shirt.”

Right? Let’s try it.

“Onaji” “Onaji” “shatsu” “shatsu” “Onaji” “shatsu” “kiterune.”

I didn’t hear it because you were saying it.

“Onaji” “Onaji” “shatsu” “shatsu” “kiterune.” “kiterune.”

“Onaji shatsu kiterune.” “Onaji shatsu kiterune.”

That last word is kind of hard.

Okay. Let’s be happy.

So when this happens,

it’s okay not to be perfect

when you start to make mistakes.

So Darian and I are going to focus on the saying

“Onaji shatsu” and then we’re just going to listen to the word

we’re not very good at saying yet.

So let’s do that. Are you ready?

“Onaji shatsu”


Oh! Sorry, here we go.

“Onaji” “Onaji” “shatsu” “shatsu”

And then we can just listen.

“kiterune.” “kiterune.”

“Onaji shatsu kiterune.” “Onaji shatsu kiterune.”

Okay you went for it. “Onaji shatsu kiterune.”

Yeah. So for this phrase

this would take us a couple of days to learn

but we’re in luck, because sometimes it gets hard

for Darian to change his shirt.

He likes the same one. No I—

Just kidding! No I don’t!

He washes his own laundry, right? And you like to

keep all your clothes clean?

Yep. That’s our Darian.

He’s like “No jokes about me!”

All right, we would love to see you make a

funny story using this phrase.

You can tag us at



See you there!

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