Japanese Phrase of the Day: You need to make your bed.

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I don’t know about you, but after a crazy Monday working from home while trying to keep the kids entertained, there’s just one thing to say: It’s time to clean up!

Cleaning up may not always be the most enjoyable thing but saying it in a different language is! Watch this video to see how we learn to say, “Time to clean up,” in Japanese!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide with today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day.

We are finishing our week off of cleaning in a foreign language.

So, I hope you’ve been
having a lot of fun.

Today’s phrase is,
“You need to make your bed.”

Now, this is something that you might say to your kids a lot or

maybe they’re on top of it.

But, if it’s something you use a lot definitely start using

it in a foreign language. To follow along in the language

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So, today we’re going to be doing the phrase,

“You need to make your bed”
in doo doo doo doo…

it’s gonna be Japanese!

All right, so to start using a foreign language, all you have

to do is start using it and jump in. I’m saying that because

this is Japanese.

This is not a language I do with my family,

so my heart is a little like thump, thump, thump!

Oh my goodness.

I got to do this.

Okay, so to get to it in the app

you have to go to “B” and then you want to go over to “Bed”.

and it’s in alphabetical order.

There we go.

And then it is,
“You need to make your bed.”

Now in Japanese, there’s different kinds of beds because

you have a bed you could roll up and put away or you have

like a normal bed…not normal but like more Americanized

bed. So there’s two different kinds, so I will do the first

one. Here we go.

“Betto” “Betto” “kireini” “kireini”
“shitene.” “shitene.”

“Betto kireini shitene.”
“Betto kireini shitene.”

Ok, I need a lot of love on that phrase!

Let’s do that one again.

Here we go.

Let’s try it again.

“Betto” “Betto” “kireini” “kireini”
“kireini” “kireini” “Betto kireini”

“shitene.” “shitene.”
“Betto kireini shitene.”

That’s like my best Japanese.

I do German and Spanish at home,

so this one’s different for me.

So, all you people doing Japanese at home,

I know you’re crushing this! Here we go.

We’ll do it again.

“Betto” “Betto” “kireini” “kireini” “shitene.”

“Betto kireini shitene.”
“Betto kireini shitene.”

That was my best go. It will take you a couple of weeks

to a couple of months to hear all the sounds being said, so

as you continue with it, you’ll get even better at Japanese.

My team loves when I do a language that I don’t know

anything about because they always say it’s really helpful

to everybody who’s starting to know that you just have to

start somewhere, right, to get going and to do it!

And so, that is awesome!

So if, you were using this phrase,
“You need to make your bed,”

please tag us on Instagram stories at @talkboxmom so that

we can feature you and your family. I’ll see you in the Instagram

stories. Bye!

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