Japanese Phrase of the Day! You are a great singer.

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Okay, no one will ever be telling me, “You are a great singer,” because that is definitely not a talent I was born with! Ha! Currently the only person who likes me to sing is my baby, which is totally fine by me. Him and I get to have our special singing time together… until his ears mature! How about you? Can you carry a tune or are you betting in the back of the choir? Haha! Use this phrase the time you can honestly say, “You are a great singer.”

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Hello and welcome to today’s

Phrase of the Day!

This week we’re doing compliments

and today’s compliment is specifically

for Darian and all the incredible singers in your home.

It is, “You are a great singer.”

Yay! Yay!

Which am I a great singer, Darian?

No, not really.

No, not really.

But we have a good phrase for people who sing

on Thursday that aren’t that good,

that you can still be nice too.

So we’ll do that one on Thursday.

So today what we’re gonna do

is Darian and I are going to try out

this phrase in one language.

If you already have the $35 phrase book,

I’ll show you over here in the app,

how to find it with Darian’s help.

Darian, you choose the language.

Go for it.

All right, we got Japanese, high five!

Okay, let’s try this out!

Oh, okay, that was different.

All right, we’re gonna go to “S” to find this phrase.

For socks?

For socks.

But we’re gonna go over to “Sing!”

Okay, ready?

Are you interested to look at the app with me?


Okay, so it’s down here, right here.

“You are a great singer” and that’s for you.

You wanna try it with me? Hmm.

Let’s do this, here we go.

“Outa” “Outa” “umaine.” “umaine.”

“Outa umaine.” “Outa umaine.” “Outa umaine.”

“Outa umaine.”

Let’s hear it again.

“Outa” “Outa” “Outa” “umaine.” “umaine.” “umaine.”

“Outa umaine.” “Outa umaine.”

“Outa umaine.”

There’s a lot of sounds in there.

That one I would need to listen to a couple of times.

Even though it’s pretty simple,

I want to hit all those sounds in there.

And be great at it!

Thank you, so… Great at it!

Okay, thank you so… please stop moving my

my arm, bud.

So something that, if you want my arm around you.

So how I would teach this phrase to Darian

is that whenever he’d sing,

I would try to give him this wonderful compliment

and I would use it in Japanese

and he would know really soon what it means.

Because I love when you sing! Okay,

and that will be Thursday’s phrase.

But you’re a great singer, so thank you.

All right, thanks for catching us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

Comment below if you have a great singer in your home. Bye!



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