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“What’s that smell,” could be said two very different ways! Ha! I hope the GOOD way was used yesterday for Thanksgiving! But the bad way… Man, have you ever burned popcorn in the microwave? That smell is the worst!! A friend of mine had to throw their microwave away after one of their kids burned popcorn in it. They couldn’t get the horrible smell out—no matter what they tried!

Whichever way you use this phrase, add it to your daily conversation!

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We’re continuing on with our Cooking Phrases

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Our Phrase of the Day for a foreign language

Phrase of the Day calendar.

And today we’re doing a phrase in Japanese

and the phrase is, “What’s that smell?” and tomorrow’s phrase—

Let me look at it, is “It smells good.”

So those can compliment

each other. It smells yummy

Yeah really well.

So we’re going to try this out in Japanese.

If you already have the phrasebook,

“Use Japanese at Home” or another phrasebook,

you can find this phrase under “S”

and “Smell” in the app right here.

Darian are you ready to try out this phrase?

Oh yeah!

Hey, you try it out with us, here we go!

“Kono” “Kono” “nioi” “nioi” “nani?” “nani?”

“Kono nioi nani?” “Kono nioi nani?”

You do it.

“Kono nioi nani?”

Okay, I have to hear it again.

Now that one went fast for me.

You liked it, so nice here goes.

“Kono” “Kono” “nioi” “nioi” “nani?” “nani?”

“Kono nioi nani?” “Kono nioi nani?”

That was a tongue-tie for me!

Okay, when a phrase gets tricky,

it’s nice just to take it a little bit at a time and have fun.

So let’s try that Darian and we don’t speak Japanese.

We’re— No.

We’re learning this phrase right now.

Here we go.

“Kono” “Kono” “Kono” “Kono”

Yeah, that’s what they said “Kono”

“nioi” “nioi” “Kono” “nioi”

It’s a “nioi” sounds like to me. “nioi”

When you first start,

it takes a couple of weeks to a couple of months

to hear the sounds being said.

So we’re still trying to hear it.



“Kono” “nioi”

Sounds like that.

“Kono” “nioi”

Yeah. “Kono”






“Kono nioi nani?”

“Kono nioi nani?”

Okay! That’s easy.

Okay. It go easier. Yeah it got easier.

So please start using that every time

we smell something good,

or maybe even something bad.

We’ll start getting that phrase down

and that’s how you want to

start incorporating it in your life.

So if I said that phrase to Nolan, his brother,

and he was like, “What’s that?” You would say,

that means, “What’s that smell,” right?

Yeah and then he’d be like, “I’m going to use that every time.”

Yeah, and then you can say it again in Japanese back

and sandwich that and yeah.

And Nolan would use that.

All right, so that’s just how you start using your phrase.

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