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If you’re someone who considers audio books “reading” like I do, then I’d say, we read together all day long. 😜 Darian is always turning on an audio book for him and his brother as they do their daily chores, walking around listening to an audio book, or listening to one before falling asleep. He can’t get enough of them! Can we just give a shout out to the first person who thought of the idea that we should record books to listen to?! It’s the best. I love both physical books and audio books, but I know many have a preference. What do you prefer: audio or real book?

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Hello, and welcome to

today’s Phrase of the Day.

This is our last day of doing reading together

phrases. But if you still haven’t gotten

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Nolan, what are we going to do?

What’s our phrase today?

I’ll tell you, okay? You tell everybody.

“We read together every day.”

We read together every…

Every day. That’s our phrase.

So that’s a good phrase to use when,

if there’s any complaining in your house

you can say, “We read together every day.”

Or if you’re doing a humble brag,

you can do that.

My kids say it when they’re like, “Mom, read,”

and I’m like, “I kind of just don’t feel like it.”

And they’re like, “We read together every day.”

They want me to read their book.

When do you mostly want me to read

you a book? When I’m bored.

When you’re bored?

Not really.

How about at bedtime?

To stay up a little longer?

No, just a random story.

Oh, you also like the random story.

He likes random story,

and then Darian likes the book.

So I have to random story and book.

Okay, so let’s try this phrase out

in one language. If you have the phrasebook…

Nolan, show them the phrasebook.

If you already have the phrase…

Right here. It’s this one.

Okay, I’ll help.

If you already have the phrasebook…

You got it? Then I’ll show you how to

find it in the app. Nolan’s going to choose

to do this in one language,

and then I’ll let you know where to find it

in the book. Okay, go for it Nolan.

Did you push it? With your chin?

All right, you got Japanese.

Here we go. To find it in the book…

And last time I was on with Nolan,

I went to the wrong spot.

So today, not going to do the wrong spot.

You’re going to go down to “R”

And then we’re going to go over to, “Read.”

Are you making some silly sounds there?


So Nolan, this is Japanese.

Do you remember any Japanese?

Do you remember, Orangie?

What’s that mean?


And how about, “Ringo?”

Do you remember which one that is?


That’s okay. That’s an apple.

What? I thought you said…

But you remember, “orenji?”


That’s good. Okay.

So we did a little bit of Japanese together.

So, okay,

“We read together everyday.” Here it is.

Let’s try it out.

Japanese is new to us,

so we’ll do the one word option,

and maybe Nolan will give it a try

on the full sentence, I might not.

And it’s okay to do one word at a time

when you’re starting.

Here we go.

“Mainichi” “Mainichi” “isshoni” “isshoni”

“honwo” “honwo” “yonderunda.” “yonderunda.”

“Mainichi isshoni honwo yonderunda.”

That was really good. Can I have a high five?

High five.

I love that.

I think Nolan did such a good job.

He went after all those sounds,

and just had really fun.

And I had fun doing it too.

And that’s how you should feel

when you’re studying a language.

It should feel really fun.

So if your family could do the full phrase,

amazing. If we keep using that in our home,

then we’ll be able to do the full phrase too.

And then all of Japanese

will start getting easier and easier.

Thanks so much for joining us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

I was so glad to have Nolan here.

All right, bye everybody

See you next week.


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