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Has your family kept up a routine at home over the past months? What has worked best for you during this crazy time? My older son loves listening to audio books late into the night, so sometimes, he needs a little help waking up in the morning. Luckily, he has that excited little brother, going a million miles an hour in the morning to tell him to wake up.

Whether your kids are saying to to each other, you’re saying it to them, or they’re saying it to you, I’d love for you to add today’s phase, “Wake up,” into your daily routine–however that may look for your family!

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Hello and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day.

I have a special guest joining us for
this week’s teen phrases.

I have…

Mr. Hairman!

Remember me?

Oh, I do remember you,

Mr. Hairman, from a couple of weeks ago.

Today’s phrase that we’re doing is, “Wake up.”

“Wake up.”

This is a phrase people have to say to their teenagers. Yes, like, “Wake up! School!”

Yes. Awesome!

So if you’re at home, you can actually
DM us or comment for

the Phrase of the Day calendar
to get it in the language

of your choice, which will be really fun.

Today, we’re going to do the phrase in one language with Mr. Hairman.

And Mr. Hairman, could you grab our random language generator?

Okay, so get the special key.
So you can choose it.

Oh my goodness.

I didn’t know… this is…ah…push!

All right, and you got Japanese!

So if you already have the $35
phrase book, you can follow

along in the language of your choice,

and I’m going to show you how to get there,

but we would love for you to say this with us.

Kitty cat, kitty cat.
In Japanese.

So, to get to the phrase, “Wake up”

you’re going to go down to “W”
“W!” “W!” “W!” And then you’re going to go to,

“Wake.” Then you’re going to go,
go to, “Wake up.”

Okay, here we go.
Wake up! Ahhh!

Are you ready for this in Japanese?

Yes! I’m so glad it’s short! Japanese!
Okay, here we go.

“Okite.” “Okite.”

Okay, I’m going to try it on you, Mr. Hairman.

“Okite.” “Okite.”

Now you do to me,

okay? Here I go.

“Okite.” “Okite.”

I am a monster!

Ok, let’s hear it one more time to practice it.

Oh, what? Sorry.
I’m like …

“Okite.” “Okite.”


So when you’re just starting you don’t
hear all the sounds

being said, but it is just great
to have a really good start,

and then over the next
couple weeks and months

you’ll be able to hear the sounds even better.

So just have fun. Tag us in your Instagram stories of you

using this phrase and maybe you can
make a silly video like

Mr. Hairman and I did, so you
can practice the phrase.

All right, see you in the Instagram stories.  @talkboxmom  Bye!

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