Japanese Phrase of the Day! The leaves are falling from the trees.

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Are you still going out on nature walks in the colder weather? The phrase, “The leaves are falling from the trees,” will be the perfect phrase for your family to practice saying to each other while out on your walk! Who doesn’t love this time of year when everything is changing colors? There seems to be so many fun activities to do, too! What’s your favorite fall activity?

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As it getting colder, leaves are now falling!

They are! So today’s phrase is,

“The leaves are falling from the trees.”

And we’d like you to try this phrase with us

in a foreign language.

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And we’re going to try it out in one language with you.

Okay? So Darian,

you grab that random language generator.

You got it? And you choose a language.

Okay, we’re going to do this in Japanese.

If you already have a phrasebook at home,

I’m going to show you where to find it

in the language that you’re doing,

but it will be fun to try it out in Japanese with us

and give it a go. So here we go.

So to find this phrase,

you’re going to go down to,

“L” for, “Leaf,” because the leaf, the leaf, the leaves..

Are going low to the ground.

They’re falling.

“The leaves are falling from the trees.”

And then they’re low on the ground.

They’re falling and they’re low. Yes.

Here we go!

And they once fall on my head..

All right. You ready for this?


Let’s try it out!

“Kikara” “Kikara” “happaga” “happaga” “ochiterune.” “ochiterune.”

“Kikara happaga ochiterune.”

You gave it a good go! I was, I was like,

I’m still needing to do the single words.

I’m going to do the single words again,

but you give it a go. You’re so brave.

Not afraid to make mistakes,

which really helps you out when learning a language.

Here we go.

Did I hit it? Oh no, I didn’t hit it.

“Kikara” “Kikara” “happaga” “happaga”

Let me try those two together.

“Kikara happaga” “Kikara happaga”

Oh yeah, you really know.

“Kikara” “Kikara” “happaga” “happaga” “ochiterune.” “ochiterune.”

“Kikara happaga ochiterune.”

Okay, that was my best to go.

It was like, it’s a good start.

So for a phrase like this,

that’s kind of like for us right now, we’re like, “wow,

this is very new,

lots of new sounds,” after doing it for a couple of days,

it will feel really familiar. And so..

Yes. It’ll be like the language you speak.

Yeah. But so when you’re starting,

you just have to give it a go, and make mistakes, and like

give yourself time to keep learning. Yeah, Darian?

What if someone’s afraid to make mistakes

and try out something like this?

Then they’ll be hard to do it.

It will be hard to do it. Why?

Because then they can’t do it.

Because they’re not saying anything?


It’s good to make mistakes. They’re like..

Bye bye.

Yeah. Yeah. They’re like,

“Oh, I don’t know if I could say this big word in Japanese.”

But they’ve just got to start saying it

and then it’ll get easier. Huh?

Great. Thank you.

Okay. Thank you so much

for joining us for today’s cold weather phrase.

Phrase of the Day!

We would love to see in your stories

you trying out this phrase.

All right. See you!



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