Japanese Phrase of the Day! The cat hates people.

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Have you seen the funny memes about cats who are just, like, the worst?! Haha! Why are cats ready to knock a vase over at any given moment?! “The cat hates people,” is the perfect phrase for that special cat in your life that just can’t stand people. I bet you’re thinking of one right now. Comment below with your funny, “the cat hates people,” story!

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Today’s phrase of the day is,
“The cat hates people.”

We all know [really?] those kind of
cats that do not like people.

Is it that cat? Oh, it’s a cat!

Oh! This is a great phrase to use
if you’re at someone’s

house, and you want to be polite
and let, like, your

kids know that, don’t pet that
cat. The cat hates people, or you

just want to be funny talking about your cat! Okay, so just

a fun pet phrase.
It’s okay, I threw him in the tree.

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show you how to get there.
I don’t want, like, it attack me again, like-

“The cat hates people.”
-like two times.

Okay, I’m gonna push it very softly.
Okay, go. Softly?

Because I don’t want it to attack me like last time. You held it very long, it didn’t work.

There you go! You got it.

You chose Japanese! Okay, to get to this phrase we are going

to over to “P”

And then we are going to get to the word “Pet.”

Oh, sorry, “to pet.” “Pet (to pet).”

Darian, did, you know; here Darian, come sit down with me. Siéntate.

There’s two kinds of pets; like your animal pet and this kind of pet.

Pet, pet, pet, pet.

Okay, so now-

Oh! It’s time to do the Phrase of the Day!

A different message popped up.


So, “The cat hates people.”
The cat hates people, and this chair

just broke because it’s-
We have, “The cat likes to be petted,” and, then,

yeah, “He likes to be petted.”

And, “The cat hates people.”

“Sono” “Sono” “nekowa” “nekowa”
“hitoga” “hitoga”

“amari” “amari” “sukijya” “sukijya”
“naino.” “naino.”

Okay, before-
Pretty easy!

we don’t speak Japanese. So just some tips: just jump in and have fun.

She’s going to do the full phrase now. For us that’s going

to be a lot, but for you it might not be a lot if you’ve been doing it.

So it just take some time to get there.
So you can give the full

phrase a go, or you can just do the short words-

My teeth are so white!
Look at that.

-or you can just do the short words at a time. Here we go!

“Sono nekowa hitoga amari sukijya naino.”
“Sono nekowa…”

Yes, so that would take us a while.

So don’t despair! Enjoy doing the short words- Turning er, errrrr,

-until it feels really good.

I’m still really happy with how,
how well we did the word

at a time, Darian! So high five on that!

Okay human form.

Okay, if you’re using this phrase,
we would love to see you

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All right.

See you guys. Bye!

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