Japanese Phrase of the Day! Ready? Go!

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I get so excited about short phrases because they are totally attainable! Sometimes kids need quick results to encourage their learning and today’s phrase, “Ready? Go!” is a great example of that. Use this phrase as you race your kids to the swing set at the park!


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¿Te tiraste un pedo?


Today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day

is, “Ready? Go!” And I hope you like Darian’s balloon trick.

Oh, you’re so silly.


So this week we’ve been working on park phrases.

We have the Phrase of the Day calendar, which fell on the

floor. Darian.

Oh, I’m sorry.

You don’t need to be sorry.

Why don’t you just grab that. You can DM or

comment us to get these phrases for the week

so you can work on those with your family.

We’re going to do them in one language today.

Darian’s going to grab that random language generator and

then he’s going to choose which language we’re going to do

together. Don’t make it too hard.

What did you choose? Japanese.

Now, if you have the $35 phrasebook, they can follow along in

the app, right?

And who’s going to show them how to find it?


Okay Darian, you tell us where we need to go.

So, we’re doing “Let’s go,”
To what letter do we need to go?

“Ready? Go!”
So we’re going to go

to “Q,” and then we’re going to go to “D.”

“S” I was going to go to “Q” but there’s no “Q” and “D”

Okay, we’re gonna go to “S” and we’re going to go to “Slide” because

this is part of going on the slide like we did yesterday. Do you

guys remember that? We did our slide yesterday? That was super fun.

That was a fun idea from Darian.


So, “Ready? Go!”
Ready, set, go!





“Junbi OK? Yoi don!”
“Junbi OK? Yoi don!”

Ours are like, shorter than theirs.
Theirs is a little longer, huh?

“Junbi OK? Yoi don!” That’s what I heard.

That was my first time doing that in Japanese.

Was that fun, though?

Yeah! It was really, really, really, really fun!
So to teach your

child this phrase, you would want to use this before they

go down the slide, or before you guys go down.

Right? So we could say that together.

Let’s do it, and then we should go down our slide again?



Here we go.





“Junbi OK? Yoi don!”
“Junbi OK? Yoi don!”

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