Japanese Phrase of the Day! Let’s look it up.

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Is there something in particular your kids are obsessed with right now? My boys are totally all about geology. They love searching for cool rocks and learning about mining! I love it when they get super excited about it and ask a question.

Teaching my kids how to find answers to their questions is more important than knowing the answer, so being able to say, “Let’s look it up,” in a foreign language is icing on the educational cake! And if they eat mostly icing, I’m okay with that. 😉

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Hi, this is TalkBox.Mom.

This is my mom Adelaide, and I’m Darian.

And we’re doing Phrase of the Day.

We sure are.

And what means is you can DM us

for this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar,

and follow along learning foreign language

phrases. If you already have the phrasebook

we’ll also show you how to find these phrases

in the app, so you can hear the native speaker

audio in the language of your choice.

Darian and I are going to try this out in

one language. And today’s phrase is,

“Let’s look it up.”

And it’s like looking up a word

that you don’t know.

Looking up.

Because this week’s theme is homeschool.

So, let’s do it, Darian.


Are you ready?

Push it!

What did you get?

Use Japanese at home.

Woo hoo!

Let’s try this out.

So, at the back of your book

there’s a section called the Toolbox.

And that’s phrases to help you to

talk to native speakers,

or ask for help, to look things up.

Where’s the Toolbox? Where?

Oh, you already passed it.

Oh it’s really back?

It’s really back. It’s after “Z”

Pass this one.

Pass that one.

Okay, so we have-

Is it this? The Toolbox?


Here let me find it in the app

for our friends, okay? Okay.

Let’s see, it’s right here

in the back of the book.

Let’s play.

Look it says, “Your Toolbox.”

Okay. Can you show them where you found it

at the back? At page-

Well it’s different in everybody’s book,

but you can show them in the back

that it’s there.

Okay, so, we’re looking up, “Let’s look it up.”

Let’s try this out.

It also has things like, “I don’t know that word,”

and like, “Let’s look it up,”

“Do you know what this word means,”

“I don’t know what you said.”

Just things to help you out

when you’re talking a new language.

Here we go.

“Shirabete” “Shirabete” “miyou.” “miyou.”

“Shirabete miyou.” “Shirabete miyou.”

“Shirabete miyou.”

Is that cute? Let’s do it again. I really like that.

I liked it. It was easy.

It was easy. I like Japanese. It’s cute.

“Shirabete” “Shirabete” “miyou.” “miyou.”

“Shirabete miyou.” “Shirabete miyou.”

Okay, awesome.

And we’re just starting Japanese there

with this phrase, and so I thought that was

a great first try. That was wonderful.

So to teach your child this phrase,

whenever you want to, like, look up a word,

then you can say it in Japanese.

And use the language.

And then look it up together.

And by using the phrase in the moment as

life’s happening, it helps you and your child

to make the connection

between what it means.

And you don’t have to memorize it before you

do it. You just need to use it.


Am I that boring, Darian?

Well at least he’s honest.

All right, thank you so much

for joining us for today’s Phrase of the Day.

Looks like it’s time for Darian’s nap.

Ah, yes.

I think when we say homeschool then you go,

“Uh-oh, I’m tired.”

Ooh. Okay, bye.



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