Japanese Phrase of the Day! I’m excited. (for a male) / (for a female)

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What’s the first thing a kid says on the morning of his or her birthday? “I’m excited!” Right?! For our kids’ birthdays, we skip the parties and presents and go on a fun trip together. (We did a big themed birthday for Darian when he was one, and I didn’t love doing it, so that was the last party. 😂) Last year for Nolan’s birthday, we did the Bahamas. For Darian and I, we went to San Diego. And for Hector, we were in Mexico on the beach! And this year… hahaha! We were going to be in France, Germany, Romania, and Italy across all our birthdays. Now we’re grounded. 😭 But we’ll still have fun! What do you do to make birthdays special in your house? What should we do this year now that our plans are cancelled? Any tips? Alllllll our birthdays are coming up.

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Hello, and welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day.

We’re continuing on with our party phrases.

And today’s phrase is, “I’m excited!”
And I’m excited with balloons.

Woohoo! Super excited with balloons.

So we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar that you can

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fun party phrases.

So today’s phrase is, “I’m excited,” and Nolan’s going to use

our random language generator
to choose what language we’re going

to do this in. And if you already have the $35 phrase book, you

can follow along in the language of your choice.

I’ll show you how to find that.

Okay, Nolan, choose our language.

Woah, you button that so fast!

Okay, Japanese. Yay!
Woah, I’m excited!

This is a really fun phrase in Japanese.

Okay, come sit down so we can practice.

Oh, you have the stairs.
Come sit down so we can

practice the phrase.

I know we’re super excited.

What did when you went down for the party as a pancake party?

Okay, so to get to this phrase you’re going to want to go

over to “E”
And you’re going to click on “Emotions.”

Okay, Nolan, are you ready to say this phrase?

Okay. I need your, I need your mouth ready.

Okay, here we go.

Let’s try it out.

“Wakuwaku” “Wakuwaku” “suru.” “suru.”
“Wakuwaku suru.” “Wakuwaku suru.”

Okay, let’s practice this together.

So to help teach your child the phrase,

it’s really great to put yourself in a situation to practice

it, so that when it does come up you can use it.

Okay Nolan, let’s pretend that we’re about to surprise Darian

for his birthday.

We’re going to pretend that we’re going to surprise Darian for his birthday, okay?

And you’re just so excited to surprise him,

you’re going to say it in Japanese that you’re excited.


Can you say that you’re excited in Japanese?

Like you’re waiting…

Here, I’m going to hold the balloon while you say it, okay?

Are you ready to say it?

Okay. I’ll hold this balloon too, so you can say it. Okay.

So what… and I’ll hold this too.

Hey, you’re gonna say, “I’m…
And I’ll hold the stapler, as well.

Okay, Nolan…

I need to put that back.


This is your last chance to try it out, okay?

Here we go.

Hey, can you say that you’re excited in Japanese? Okay.

“I’m excited!”
Okay, now say it in Japanese.

Do you remember how to say it?

Almost. Let’s hear it again, okay?

Here we go.


Wait. That’s not the right one.

That’s, “I’m grumpy.”

Are you grumpy?

Are you excited?

Okay, let’s do the excited phrase.
“Wakuwaku” “Wakuwaku” “suru.” “suru.”

“Wakuwaku suru.” “Wakuwaku suru.”

Okay, we’re hiding and Darian’s about to come in, and you go, “Wakuwaku suru.”

You say it. “Wakuwaku…”
Here, come up a little higher so I can see you.

Here we go.

Okay, say it now.
“Wakuwaku suru.” “Wakuwaku suru.”

Boom! Woo! Surprise!

That was really fun.

Can I ? Yes.

Nolan, thank you so
much for practicing with me.

Can you tell everybody goodbye?
Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait,

wait, wait.

Hey, one thing. No, wait, wait, wait.
Okay. Ooo, “Wakuwaku suru.”

Okay, here it comes.

Nope, now you’re going to be flown away.



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