Japanese Phrase of the Day! Don’t walk in the puddle.

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Have you seen that video of the kid jumping into the puddle, but he goes head under. It’s totally a special effect the dad did, but when my boys saw the little clip, they became convinced it was real! Now the boys are scared that every puddle is a sink hole. It’s the funniest thing. I wonder how old they will be before they get over their fear of puddles. Use the phrase, “Don’t walk in the puddle,” the next time it’s raining, and then show them the clip, and you may never have to worry about it ever again! 😂

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We’re doing, “Don’t walk in the puddle.”

Yes, we’re doing the phrase, “Don’t walk in the puddle,”

because this week we’re doing cold weather phrases.

And, Nolan, they can get a Phrase of the Day calendar.

Do you want to grab the book?

You can grab a book. Okay.

Okay, you grab the book.

So we have a Phrase of the Day calendar

where you can get all the phrases.

And did you have the book we will sell, yeah?

Yes, you can get your own book that the phrases come from.

Thank you, Nolan. Is it $30?

It’s $35. Isn’t that a good deal?

$35! It comes..

It comes with the app and the audio.

So we’re going to try out this phrase first, okay?

Nolan just really wants you to get the book,

so If you don’t have it, you should be getting it.

Okay, so we’re doing, “Don’t walk in the puddle.”

So Nolan, how about you choose what language

we’re going to do it in?

Do you want to choose?


Okay, Nolan, “Don’t walk in the puddle.”

What language do you want to do that in?

Do you want to use the random language generator?

No, we have to use it. Okay use it. Go.

Hit it!

Okay, you’ve chosen…



Okay. How much Japanese do you know?


“Estou com fome.”
I can’t say..

“Estou com fome.”
That’s Portuguese.

Portuguese kind of sounds like Japanese, huh?

How about..

“Orenji taberu.”

“Orenji taberu.”
Do you remember that?

So you know a little bit of Japanese, right?

You’ve tried it out.

You know 10 things in Japanese?

So this is new for us.

So we’re going to try this out.

If you already have the book, to get to it,

you want to go to “P”

and then go over to, “Puddle.”


So we’re going to go over there.

And then we’re going to do, “Don’t walk in the puddle,”

in Japanese.

This is a great phrase to add in

if you don’t want to walk in puddles

and get shoes wet.

But if you do want to jump in those puddles,

we’ve got other phrases for you this week, okay?

So here we go.

“Don’t walk in the puddle.”

And below it you can see the phrase,

“Let’s jump in the puddles.”

We have it for both types,

both choices there. What’s going on here, Nolan?

It’s backwards. It is backwards.

And when I’m doing this, then I’m actually doing this one.

Yeah, you see that our camera’s mirrored.

No, no, no, no, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

Oh my goodness. Okay, let’s try out this phrase.

Here we go.

This one.

“Mizutamarino” “Mizutamarino”

That was bigger for me.

Okay, here we go.

“Mizutamarino” “Mizutamarino” “nakani” “nakani” “hairanaide.”

Is that how it sounds to you?

Yeah, it sounds…

As you get an ear for it, it sounds easier and easier,

but you’re just trying it out.

So is it okay to make a mistake

when you’re trying it out, Nolan?

Are you okay making the mistake?

Okay, let’s try it.

Let’s do it, let’s give it our best.

Okay, give it your best listening.

Where are your ears?

This is actually like here.

Oh yeah, okay.

Where are your ears though?

Where are your ears?

Where are your…

Where are your ears, Nolan?

Are they hiding?

Okay, listen to the Japanese with the ears.

“Mizutamarino” “Mizutamarino” “nakani” “nakani”

“hairanaide.” “hairanaide.”

“Mizutamarino nakani hairanaide.”

That was my best. I have to hear that a couple more times.

So we can start using this phrase and learning it

and Nolan, he..

He’s just doing his own thing here.

It’s backwards!

It’s backwards, okay.

Thanks for joining us.

We would love to see you using a phrase in the stories

in the language of your choice, okay.

Bye! We catch you guys

tomorrow. Bye!


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