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If you could choose one way to make your life easier, what would you
wish for? While I’m no fairy godmother, I can grant you the wish of your child saying something in a foreign language in the next 7 minutes! 😜 If that sounds magical to you, then I have the perfect phrase: “Cool!” Yep. that’s all it is. One simple word and yet it is a complete thought. Practicing saying, “Cool,” with your kids in the language of your choice and feel great about easily learning something new today!

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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day.

I’m Adelaide, and I’m here with my son,
Darian, from

TalkBox.Mom. And my mom is, of course, the owner, so she’s from TalkBox.Mom too.

I am! And if she wasn’t then-
I started TalkBox.Mom to

help families to actually use
a foreign language and be able

to talk to each other. And this week

we’re doing short phrases-
Short for beginners.

Yeah. And anyone. Anyone and beginners too. And today’s

phrase is, “Cool.” Cool!

But it’s like the equivalent of what
you would say in the country

for, “Cool.” Sometimes people just say, “Cool.”

Wait which one? Which, “Cool?” Like this, “Cool.”

Like, “You’re cool.” “You so cool.”

“That’s cool.”

“That’s cool.”

If you want to follow along in the language
of your choice,

you can DM us or comment for this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar.

And now, let me just-
Now? -if you go

I’m going to get-
Darian’s going to get the random language

generator. He unlocks a lot of keys to get to it.

It’s like if you let it loose, it’ll go crazy.

It likes to eat a lot of slushies, and when I take it out, it’s asleep, so we try and be quiet.

Nope, okay, it’s awake. Push it! Push it!
Push it! Did you pushy, pushy it?

It’s eating me!
Oh, no!

Well, Darian, you won’t know that you chose Japanese because

you’ve been eaten by the random language generator.

Now, if you are doing a different language,
I’m going to

still show you how to
find this phrase in the app.

So if you have the $35 phrasebook,
you can follow along in

that language. To get to this phrase and
to do this with us

in Japanese,

you’re going to go to “C” and then you’re going to head over to, “Cool.”

Man, there’s been a lot of “C”s.
Let’s see. Native speakers translate this and we

told them to say what they would say in that situation.

And so, this is what they would say.

“line!” “line!”

Does she have the cutest voice?
The Japanese voice?

I think it’s so cute.

You don’t seem thrilled. Oh, because, “Cute” and it’s a woman. I get it.

Okay. I think it sounds super cute.

Let’s do it again.

Here we go.

“line!” “line!” Or is it like an, “e”? “e nay” “e nay!” “enay” or “line”? I don’t know.

I think it’s”e” nay because it was a capital
“L” it would be like that.

You know what I mean?

Like a capital “L”
So it’s “line”?

Yeah. Or “e” Like an “i” sound.

Yeah, a capital “L” goes like that. So she’s making an “e” sound.

that’s what I heard and then I looked and I was like, “Wait a second.”

So that I, oops! Oh my gosh. How do we get to the phrase?

Who remembers? “C” We go to “C” Okay, good. And then we go over

to, “Cool.” It’s, like, at the very last one.
It is? Okay. You’re right.

Yeah! Next to, “City.”
Let’s do it with more of an, “e” sound.

Let’s hear her. “line!” “line!”
Now, I can hear. Now, I can hear.

“line!” “line!”

It is always really good to
not look at how it’s written

when you do something first,

so you can hear it better. Like, like silent “e”, silent “g”, silent something.

Yeah, all the, yeah, you don’t know.
It’s like, “Ah! English.”

It’s better to hear before you read. And that’s a natural language progression.


Like, when you’re a baby; first you’re talked to, read to, sang to.

Then you start talking, reading,
and watching videos.

Yeah! Then you start telling stories,
writing, and grammar,

and reading. That all happens at the end.

So, if you, like, skip over to writing, grammar, and reading you

miss the whole foundation of the
language. It makes it hard.

And it’s just boring.
And so, we did that. We were like, “We’re

going to read it

instead of listen to her.” Right? We were naughty. And, so when we,

instead when we just listened, we got it a lot better because

we’re following that natural progression.

So if you’re having fun using, “Cool!”
Oh wait! We forgot to show them this.

I did! I did it.

Oh, sorry.

I did it. I think you were dead from the language generator. Oh yeah, sorry.

Yeah. Whatever, man! So, we would love to see an Instagram story of you saying, “Cool”

– I wasn’t dead.
in the foreign language of your choice.

I thought it ate you?
No, it just pooped me out.

Oh, it pooped you out. Gross.

I mean, “line!” Ha! Get it, get it?

All right, we’ll see you in the, we’ll see you in the Instagram stories.


See you there.


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