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“Carry me!” It’s the perfect phrase to motivate a toddler to use a foreign language, or a tired child that can’t take one more step on the walk you just started, or me sitting on the couch with an empty carton of Ben & Jerry’s and a Netflix Screen asking, Are you still watching? as I cry out to my husband, “Please, carry me!” just so I can make it to bed. But with the quarantine 15, my cries are in vain. I have to get there myself as I cry down the hall repeating, “Carry me,” in Spanish. It’s really a phrase for us all.

Except for my husband. No one is going to help him out after he left me stranded on that couch.


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Hello and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the day challenge.

I’m Adelaide. I am Darian, and this is my mom Adelaide, and she’s from


and please buy this book.

It’s worth it!

It is worth it. And, we’re here
to challenge you for today’s

Phrase of the Day, and it is, “Carry me!”

Yes, I use that one when

I’m like…
When you don’t want to go to bed,

what do you say?
“Carry me and I’ll be quiet” Do you say, Cárgame?

And the baby, if he could talk… if he could talk, it would be like this,

“Carry me! Carry me! Carry me, please!”

He gets very jealous if he sees

somebody else being carried.


Um, okay, so we have this awesome
Phrase of the Day calendar.

Okay, and it has the phrases for this
week which are kid

phrases and it has, “Carry me” on there
and you can get it for

free. Just comment below or DM us.
But we’re going to do the

phrase – we’re going to challenge you to
do it in a specific

language today, and Darian’s going
to use our, let me grab

it, our random language generator. Oh my goodness, Mommy, I’ve been waiting so long!

I know you’ve been waiting.
Okay, let me set up here, random

language generator. And go for it!

And you chose Japanese! Oooo!

If you do have this $35 phrase book that
Darian talked up,

and you might think we want you to buy it;
and that’s because

we do! Because it’s really good.

Yeah, and you learn so much language. All your friends will be like, (gasp).

Be turning heads.

Okay, especially coming out of lockdown.

They’ll be like, “You learned
Chinese in the lockdown?!”

Okay, but we’re doing this with Japanese.

So, if you do have the book, this
is how you find it in the

app. You’re going to go to “C”
It’s like this giant screen

which is right here.


You’re gonna go to, “Carry me!”

Okay, “Carry me!”

Here we go.
Right at the top.

Now, we don’t do Japanese,

so this is a challenge for us.

Actually, we just started the first box.
Right, Darian? Umm, Yeah!

Yeah, you’re right.
Yeah….those videos.

Ok, here we go.

“Dakko” “Dakko”

“shite” “shite”
“Dakkoshite.” “Dakkoshite.”

Okay, what did it sound like to you? “Taco steak.”

I’m just like, “Are we gonna…” If I wanted to be carried, I’d yell, “Taco steak” too.

“Taco steak!” “Carry me!”

But, this is really good if your child makes an association. When you’re starting your

not hearing all the sounds, but it’s good. Darian’s really

good at making associations and
languages, and it helps him

learn a lot of them.

I noticed that about you.

So, let’s listen a little,
like a little more carefully

to what she’s saying, and you can
even see it there if you

want to. I’m just going to look at the giant screen right

next to the lesson.

“Dakko” “Dakko” “shite” “shite”
“Dakkoshite” “Dakkoshite”

I can now hear the “Dakko”
You can hear the “D” a little more?

Because one of my friends at my old school; he said, “juice” for bathroom and

everybody kept saying, “Do you want juice?”

It was very confusing after…

I love making these videos with you.
That is confusing.

So, to teach your baby this phrase
whenever they want to be

picked up, or your nine-year-old
who likes to be carried,

then you could say, “Say it in Japanese,

and this is how you say it.” “Dakkoshite!”

I would listen to it in the app again, though, because it’s…

the native speaker’s so good.

Here it is.

“Dakko” “Dakko” “shite” “shite”
“Dakkoshite” “Dakkoshite”

I think just have fun with it and not judge

like, if it’s great or what. So, good job Darian

this challenge. Ow! Ow! You’re bend my hand the wrong way.

Yeah, I would love for you to see,
see you using the phrase

on Instagram tag us @talkboxmom

Just @talkboxmom

No dot in this one, even though we are TalkBox.Mom.

Me and my Darian.


See you tomorrow.

We’re gonna make another video! Always make videos! And we can watch

your videos too! Okay, Bye!

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