Italian Phrase of the Day! You’re welcome.

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You may have never studied Spanish in your life, but I bet you know how to say, “You’re welcome,” in Spanish. “De nada.” That’s right! There’s actually multiple ways to say, “You’re welcome” in Spanish, but the point is, you’ve heard it in passing so many times, that you naturally know it. Using new phrases with your kids in a foreign language works the same way! So, start using, “You’re welcome,” with your kids today, and watch how quickly they’ll figure out what you’re saying without even trying!

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Darian, do you know that Moana song where they’re like, “You’re welcome?”

Do you know what I mean?

Where’d you go?

I’m not a big singer.

Okay, welcome to today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day.

We’re doing the phrase,

“You’re welcome,”

in a foreign language.

Yesterday we did,

“Thank you,” so you can follow us up.

We’re going to be doing this phrase in a random language.

We’ve got our random language generator.

Darian, do you want to push it
on top of my head?


I can’t see your hand. You have to be louder than that.

And higher than that.

Here, can you push it?

Here, push the phrase.
Ow, my head!

Okay, we’re going to be doing it in Italian!

If you already have the $35 phrasebook, I’ll show you how to find it in the app.

So you’re going to want to head over to “W”

For? Say it loud.
I don’t know. Ahh.

Oh, “W” for “You’re welcome.”

Okay, so we are going to go to the phrase,

“You’re welcome.” Not “Welcome to my house,” but, “You are welcome.”

Oh, I know this one.

“Prego” “Prego” “Prego “Prego”

That’s a good one.

That’s fun to do in Italian.
“Grazie.” “Prego.” “Grazie.” “Prego.”

Is that fun?


“Grazie!” “Grazie!”

She says it so pretty.
“Grazie!” “Grazie!”

“Prego.” “Prego.”


That’s fun!

All right, if you’re using the foreign
language Phrase of

the Day, tag us in the Instagram stories.
Will you tag us

Mr. Hand?
Yes I will.

Where do you tag us at?

See you there!

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