Italian Phrase of the Day! You’re missing a sock.

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My boys have a strong morning routine. They use getting dressed phrases together all the time! Nolan struggles with socks and shoes. If we’re ready to go and he doesn’t have his shoes on, he’ll just leave the house without them! When I see him starting to struggle with one sock, I need to jump in quit to help before it causes more problems. lol Your kids can use today’s phrase, “You’re missing a sock,” as they help each other get ready!

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Today’s phrase is,

“I’m missing a sock!”

Yes, “You’re missing a sock.”

And sometimes Nolan says, “I’m missing a sock.”

So we’ll start with “You’re missing a sock”

and then later you can add on “I’m missing a sock.”

Nolan’s holding our free printable.

Wait, there are no lines. What’s our theme?

Oh. Uh-oh, can you grab it?

What’s our theme for this week, Nolan?

What’s our theme? Getting Dressed!

Getting Dressed.

So if you want a free—

if you want a free printable with Getting Dressed phrases

you can comment or DM us.

But we’re going to try out this phrase

in one language and Nolan’s so— He loves the book.

And you can see.

He’s super excited about the book.

We’re going to show you, if you have the book,

how to find it in the language that you’re doing.

So let’s, let’s jump to it.

Nolan, grab my random language generator

so we can try out this phrase. Are you ready?


And go for it.

All right. You got, “Use Italian at Home.”

And so we’re going to try this in Italian.

So if you already have the book, we’re going to go

down to “M” to get to it, in any language,

you go to the same place, you’ll be able to go to “M,”

and then you’re going to want to go over to “Missing.”

Okay. Nolan? Okay? Yeah.

All right. Let’s try this out in—

What language are we doing? Italian.


Okay. Here we go.

“Ti manca” “Ti manca” “un calzino.” “un calzino.”

“Ti manca un calzino.” “Ti manca un calzino.”

Which is you’re missing a sock.

“calzino.” Does that sound like a word

you know in Spanish?

Hmm, no.

It sounds similar to sock in Spanish, doesn’t it?


Yeah, let’s hear it one more time.

So to teach this phrase,

if you see that your kid’s missing a sock, which—

Okay, no. You, you— Often, Nolan is missing a sock

and he’s very upset about it, or the baby’s missing a sock

and we can say, “You’re missing a sock.”

Right? And if they don’t know what you mean,

you can say it in English and then the language again.

Right? Let’s try it one more time.

“Ti manca” “Ti manca” “un calzino.” “un calzino.”

“Ti manca un calzino.” “Ti manca un calzino.”

And we’re just starting with Italian

and we’re already using this phrase

so you can see how you can keep adding phrases to your life.

I hope you love our Getting Dressed phrases

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if you’re using them.

Bye! All right, see you! Bye!

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