Italian Phrase of the Day! Your hair looks great.

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This week, give the gift of complimenting each other in a foreign language! I tell my boys that accepting compliments are just as important as giving compliments. As a mom, it’s easy for me to be too critical of myself. My boys might say, “Your hair looks great,” as we head out the door, but I can be too quick to say, “No, it’s such a mess! I didn’t even style it this morning!” Not accepting the compliment doesn’t make them feel great, and if I keep countering their compliments with complaints, they might not want to give compliments at all. So I work really hard on always saying, “Thanks!” and making sure they do the same when they receive compliments. Tell me… are you good at accepting compliments or do you down play them too?!

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Hello.. Hi!

and welcome! Today’s Phrase of the Day

week is all about compliments!

What are compliments Nolan?

That you say something nice to each other.

Yeah! You say something nice to each other,

and today’s compliment that we’re doing is,

“Your hair looks good.”

And I wanna say that one to Nolan.

He just got his hair cut, but funny story,

show them the back.

They were cutting the back of it,

and once they got this far, he told them,

“Thank you. You’re all done.”

And then he got up and left the hairdresser.

You didn’t want them to cut any more of your hair?

Okay and that’s that. And that’s that! That’s the end of that!

So Nolan your hair looks good,

and I love you because you are an interesting child.

All right! So Nolan we’re gonna try this out

with you guys in a foreign language.

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and let’s get started. Let’s do it!

Why don’t you grab the random language generator, Nolan.

You got it? Can you reach it?

He’s trying to reach for it.

And we’re gonna do this in one language.

Now, if you already have the $35 phrasebook, then you’ll…

I’ll show you how to find it in the app.

Go for it Nolan, push that button for us.

Let’s do a language.

We are doing Italian together.

Are you excited to do that with me?

Yeah! Okay!

So if you already have the book in the app,

you wanna go down to “H” and

then, oh, you lose a chancla [shoe] there?

And then you wanna go over to


I went too far.

It’s the first one.

Okay! So here is, “Your hair looks good.”

Let’s learn how to say that to each other in Italian.

“Hai” “Hai” “dei capelli” “dei capelli” “bellissimi.” “bellissimi.”

“Hai dei capelli bellissimi.” “Hai dei capelli bellissimi.”

Was that kind of a fun one, Nolan?

I had like some sing song to it.


Did you hear it? Listen for it again.

Listen to her emotion that she has.

Let me make it a little bit louder too. Here it goes.

“Hai” “Hai” “i capelli” “i capelli”

Oh, “This is your hair is tangled.”

That didn’t sound right to me.

Here we go.

“Hai” “Hai” “dei capelli” “dei capelli” “bellissimi.” “bellissimi.”

“Hai dei capelli bellissimi.” “Hai dei capelli bellissimi.”

Nolan, did you listen to her voice or did you forget?

I listened kind of.

Kind of?

Listen one more time okay?

Listen to how she says the whole sentence. Listen.


You do it.

“dei capelli” “dei capelli” “bellissimi.” “bellissimi.”

Now listen.

“Hai dei capelli bellissimi.”


Yeah, did you hear she says the end? “bellissimi.”

She says that like really enthusiastically.

You know why?

‘Cause your hair looks really good! Sometimes with phrases,

it’s good to say and to listen to them for a little bit.

So you can hear more of the intonation and then go for it

and say the phrases,

which for Nolan in this case is really helpful.

Okay! Thanks for joining us for today’s Phrase of the Day

and trying out Italian with us.


And I can’t wait for you

to give all the compliments this week.




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