Italian Phrase of the Day! You can open your presents.

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We saved this last phrase until the end… like a birthday party. “You can open your presents.” Oh, those sweet words every kid longs to hear. The anticipation of having to wait to open the presents is always a killer! When it’s finally time, the little guests crowd around super close, and it’s hard for them to hold back from helping the birthday kid open them up!

I find one of life’s hardest lessons for little kids is going to a birthday party and realizing the presents aren’t for them! Raise your hand if you’ve had to help their kid navigate those emotions in the middle of a crowded room before!

My kids have even had some drama at home when they opened the birthday presents their grandparents from both sides rained down on them. 😂 Lots of pre-teaching, and hoping for the best.

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“You can open your presents,”
is today’s Phrase of the Day.

We’re doing our party phrases.

So Darian thought it’d be fun to
put on our party wigs.

It’s always fun when you get to open your presents,

so this is a fun phrase to do in a foreign language.

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So let’s try out this phrase.
Darian’s going to use the random

language generator to choose which language, but before you

do Darian… Oh did you already push it?

Oh my gosh.

What did you push? Italian.

Okay. I was like, before you push it, and you’re like, pushed.

What I was going to say is you can follow along, and if you

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So, Darian, at the bottom of the Phrase Calendar is the map

to find the phrase.

Can you tell me what letter I need to go to?

Say it for everybody to hear.

Okay, we’re going to go to “P” and then at the top we’re going

to go over to “Present”
“P” for… For what? For party.

For party. Open your presents.


So we’re doing this in Italian
and we’re going to have,

“You can open your presents.” Ooo fun.

Okay, you ready to say it with the native speaker, Darian?

Okay. You got your wig going? You ready for this?

All righty.

Here we go.

“Puoi aprire” “Puoi aprire”
Do you want to hear that part again?


“Puoi aprire” “Puoi aprire”
“i tuoi regali.” “i tuoi regali.”

Let’s try that one more time, okay?
Here we go.

“Puoi aprire” “Puoi aprire”
“i tuoi regali.” “i tuoi regali.”

“Puoi aprire i tuoi rega”li.”

Oh, that was a good try.
Do you want to hear the whole thing to say it?


Okay, he’s going in strong.

We don’t do Italian.

So this is my first try doing this.

So I’m like, I need time, and he’s like, I’m going to give it a go.

Okay, I’ll play it from the beginning and I won’t pause it at all.

Are you ready?

“Puoi aprire” “Puoi aprire”
“i tuoi regali.” “i tuoi regali.”

“Puoi aprire i tuoi regali.”
“Puoi aprire i tuoi regali.”

Oh, that’s really nice, Darian.

“Puoi aprire i tuoi regali.”

Okay, what would be a fun way
to practice this phrase if

you can open your presents?

Well, you can do it at a birthday party,
you can do it at Christmas.

But before, like, before the birthday,
so like when you’re

the mom you can say it in front of everybody and like your

kid knows what you mean.

I guess we’re not having… well maybe on Zoom if you’re having a

birthday party on Zoom, right?

So what would be a fun way to practice it? What if I, like,

wrapped up some of your toys?

Yeah. And then I said, I would say like,
you can open it or if you-

And I opened it and it’s just my old toys.

Or we could just do something fun,
or we could just cover

something in a blanket, and then you could say it, and I would

lift it, and then see like what
you wrapped, you know?

That’d be kind of a fun activity
to practice this phrase.

We have all this old wrapping paper, old wrapping paper in the garage.

Yeah, we have wrapping paper.

So this would just be a fun way to practice it.

It’s nice to put yourself in
a situation to use the phrase,

so then when the time comes up to use it, you’re ready to use it.

All right!

Thank you, this week,
for joining us with our fun birthday

party phrases.
We’ll see you guys next week.




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