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This week we are focusing on Spring weather! What’s the number one question every mom gets asked after she tells her kids to get dressed? “What’s the weather today?” You never know what the weather will hold this time of year. It could be super hot one day and snowing the next! Were you one of the people in that crazy snow a few weeks ago, in MAY?! Tell me, how is the weather in your town today?

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s
Phrase of the Day.

Are we doing small?

Are we doing long?

Which one? Save my mommy!
We are doing phrases for the warm weather.

Warm weather. And today’s phrase is,
“What’s the weather today?”

Because we always ask that in the morning before we get dressed.

You guys, right? Tell me.

Right. It’s like, like, like, let’s say, like

Here, talk to your friends up here.

Okay, so like, like when you
look outside, when you like,

look at the weather, I’m like,
“Mom, what’s the weather?

Like, Dad, what’s the weather?

Nolan, did you see the weather?

What’s the weather?”

Yeah, you want to know
what the weather is today,

so that you wear the, like, the right thing.
Or, but right now.

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then we’ll give you it, and

then we’ll tell the police we
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All right Darian, grab that random language generator! Darian’s going to

choose what language we’re
going to do this phrase in.

If you have, if you are doing… Oh, oh, its
It’s sleeping, okay?

Did you push it? Yeah. You did?

Okay this week we’re doing our phrases.

Okay, that, that random language generator is like, a little temperamental.

Once my mom left open and
six houses got blown up.

Oh my gosh.


So we’re doing it in German.
-And there were banks.

If you have the book in a different language,

I’m going to show you
how to follow along with us.

Follow along with us! And this is definitely not a fake screen right next to my hand.

I’m petting it.

Oh, it’s like, because it’s floating on the screen?

That’s my cell phone.

You’re seeing my cell phone.

It’s not fake.

Okay, here,

here we go!

To get to this phrase

you’re going to go to “W”

“W” for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman. Oh, I love that.

That was a good movie, huh?

Yeah, we’re gonna go over to, “Weather.”
But I didn’t see it.

You didn’t?
No, I didn’t.

Did I go without you?

Oh, do you want me to take you to see it?
I’m good.

It was really good!

Okay, so we’re going to hear it in German.

“What’s the weather today?”

“Wie” “Wie”

“ist” “ist” “das” “das”

“Wetter” “Wetter” “heute” “heute”

“Wie ist das Wetter heute?”
“Wie ist das Wetter heute?”

I’m gonna ask you, Darian. I’m going to pretend like I just woke up.

Okay, okay.

I’ll be like, cooking some eggies.

“Wie ist das Wetter heute?”

And then tomorrow we’re going to learn to do,
“It’s sunny” together.

So catch us tomorrow to do that.

If you’re using this phrase,
“What’s the weather today,” tag

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Yeah, and wait!

Show us a video of you doing these
phrases and make them funny too.

We’ll make it funny! Okay, Bye!

And we’re gonna do a funny
video about the weather too.

Oh, I love that! Okay.

Bye, guys! Bye.

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