Italian Phrase of the Day! We need to put on sunblock.

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I’m obviously all about the sunblock because the sun has it out for my skin. 😂 My husband didn’t even know SPF levels went so high until he met me. My kids always give a bit of push back when it comes to putting on sunblock. They don’t know the torture of burning their backs and trying to sleep at night, get dressed, or just be alive with a sunburn. How has your summer been? Have you made it through an entire summer without one of your kids getting sunburned?! Today’s phrase, “We need to put on sunblock,” will definitely be used in my house the next time we head out for a day by the lake!

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Hi, this is TalkBox.Mom!

I’m Darian, and this is my mom, and we’re doing Phrase of the Day.

Yes. We are going through this week’s
foreign language

calendar for phrases focused on swimming,
and you can DM

us to get that in the language of your choice.

And today’s phrase, Darian, is,
what is the thing I make you

do before you can get in the water?

You make me put on my swimsuit.

Okay, that’s a good one, yes.

And then what else do I make you do that you have

to do before going in the sun?


So today’s phrase is, “we need to put on sunblock.” And I’m glad

that you’re wearing a swimsuit and not just skinny-dipping.

Okay, so we’re gonna – Darian and I are are gonna try out this

phrase in one language.

We’re going to use the random language generator to choose

that language.
But if you already have, I apologize,

if you already have the $35 phrasebook,
then I’ll show

you how to find that phrase in the language that you have.

I have a kitty, like, right here.

It’s a super cute kitty and it comes out of the book like this.

Alright, you got that random language generator?

Okay, go.

He choose Italian. Ooo, Italian. Ooo, Italian.
Who speaks Italian?

Oh yes.

We always try to choose someone to relate it to so we can remember.

Okay, so to, I have the app here.
You can see it displayed

right over here.
To find this in the app,

you are going to go to “S”
“S” for “Superman,” – For “Superman,”

but actually click on “sunblock”
to get the sunblock phrases.

And remember our book is just like starter phrases to use throughout your day.

Our boxes go way deeper, and do these different things, like,

putting on a swimsuit.

So you’ve got clothes on to, something on to, to swim with, which

you know what, if you’re Europe you probably don’t, so. Did you know that?

When you were little, and we would take you to, like, the lake,

or something to go swimming,
all of the other little kids

would be naked and we would, they would call us, “The Prudes”

because we would want you to have
your swimsuit on.

And, so they just, just do a different thing.

Okay, “we need to put on sunblock.”

Let’s try this out in Italian.

I’m going to click it in the app.

“Dobbiamo” “Dobbiamo”
“mettere” “mettere”

“la crema solare.” “la crema solare.”

“Dobbiamo mettere la crema solare.”
“Dobbiamo mettere la crema solare.”

I had to go a little slower. That’s too hard.
Is that too hard?


“Solare” is the sun, right? “Solare.”

And then “crema” is like Spanish.
Thank you giant phone right there.

Yeah, so crema, that’s like Spanish.

You know that one.
So we don’t do Italian in our home,

so putting this together,

so “we need” – “Dobbiamo”
And then, “mettere” is like “put.”

Like, like, in Spanish…. like “put your foot in”. Okay.

Let’s try it one more time.

Here we go.

Oh wait, I’ve got to start it from the beginning.

Here we go.

“Dobbiamo” “Dobbiamo”
“mettere” “mettere”

Let’s try that. “Dobbiamo mettere”
“Dobbiamo mettere”

“Dobbiamo mettere”
“Dobbiamo mettere”

That’s good.
“la crema solare.” “la crema solare.”

Go like this. “Dobbiamo mettere la crema solare.”
“Dobbiamo mettere la crema solare.”

It kind of sounds like salami. Salami. Solare.

That was our first time trying that phrase.

So to teach your family, to start using this in your family, you can – we would

listen to this in the app again and again until it felt

really easy to us as we say it, and that would probably only

take us a couple days. And there’s a lot of opportunities to put sunblock on.

So before putting the sunblock on,
I would play this in the app,

and I would say it to my child with it until it

felt really great, and then I wouldn’t need the app, and I

would just say it without it,
and the phrase would become

a natural part of our day of speaking Italian.

So thank you so much for joining us for today’s foreign language

Phrase of the Day. Phrase of the Day.
And Darian,

thanks for trying out a language that you don’t speak and

giving it a good first go.

I loved it.

You do not need to be perfect when you start
and I thought you

were great.

Thank you.

You’re so welcome.


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