Italian Phrase of the Day! We need to cross the street.

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Knowing how to get from one place to the next in a foreign language is super important while traveling! Getting lost in the middle of a unknown city can be very scary! I’ve included phrases like, “We need to cross the street,” because it’s something you say with your kids when you’re out. But it’s also a great phrase to have on hand when in a foreign place!

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Today’s phrase is,

“We need to cross the street!”

“We need to cross the street.”

We’re going to try this out in a foreign language.

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Nolan and I that are going to try out this phrase

in one language.

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Right, Nolan?

Okay, grab that random language generator, Nolan.

Wait, hold on, not yet!

I got to remember.

“We need to cross the street.”

Okay, go for it.


Are you okay?

Yeah. Okay.

He chose Italian with his face.

Okay, to get this phrase.

Nolan, this is where we’re going to go.

Do you see all these letters?

The app is all set up by different topics that you can find.

So we’re going to go to “S.”

So if you already have the phrasebook,

you can go here to find it into “S.”

And then we’re going to go over to the word “Street.”

“Street” “Street” “Street” “Street”

“Soap” “Sorry” “Spills” “Spit up”

“Sports” “Star” “Stick” “Sticker”

What was the word, “Street!”


You ready to try it?

You playing with the camera? Yeah.

Now you see. Do you see it on the camera

what you’re doing?

Okay, “We need to cross the street.”

Here we go in Italian, Nolan.

“Dobbiamo” “Dobbiamo” “attraversare” “attraversare”

“la strada.” “la strada.”

“Dobbiamo attraversare la strada.” Alright, Nolan.

Let’s try it together. “Dobbiamo attraversare la strada.”

Okay, you were listening.

I didn’t think you were listening.

Oh, let’s put your shirt up.

Okay, Nolan try to say it slowly with me.

Are you ready?

Okay, I’m going to do it in a silly voice.

Do you wanna do it in a silly voice?

Okay. Let’s do “Batman” voice.

Should we do “Batman?” No, “Baby” voice.

“Baby” voice?

Okay, let’s do “Baby” voice.

Here we go, this helps Nolan to focus.

Okay, here we go, “Baby” voice.

“Dobbiamo” “Dobbiamo”

What kind of baby are you? A demon.

Nolan, we went over this.

No demons on Phrase of the Day.

Okay, are you ready Nolan?

A “Tantrum baby.” A “Tantrum baby?”

Okay, here we go.

“Dobbiamo” “Dobbiamo”

“attraversare” “attraversare”

“la strada.” “la strada.”

“Dobbiamo attraversare la strada.”

So the baby’s throwing a tantrum?


You look like you’re throwing a tantrum.

Okay Nolan, thank you for joining me

for Phrase of the Day.

It’s always a surprise

what you will do. Bye!

All right, bye!


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