Italian Phrase of the Day! There’s a storm.

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My kids LOVE storms. When we are at a hotel, Darian gets so excited because they have “CHANNELS!” He loves watching the weather channel and the show the World’s Deadliest Weather. He has a hard time leaving the hotel room because he loves watching it so much! How about your kids? Will they happily use the phrase, “There’s a storm,” or will it be said as they run to hide under a blanket?

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“There’s a storm.”

“There’s a storm,” is today’s Phrase of the Day.

Now when Hector and I, we just went on a trip together,

and when we got there, what did people tell us?

“There’s a storm!”

They were saying that there was a storm coming, huh?

And that storm turned out to be a hurricane.

And I thought I was going to get blown away.


Oh, do you want to grab the book?

Okay, wait for that. Okay.

Come sit down, Nolan.

So, we’re going to try out this phrase together,

“There’s a storm,”

and we’d like you to try out this phrase with us.

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And you can comment below if you like Nolan’s hair.

He’s flipping it all around.


So we’re going to try out this phrase. Darian grab…

Or Darian, I’m sorry Nolan.

Nolan grab the random language generator

and you choose what language

that we’re going to do this phrase in.

The phrase, “There’s a storm.”

Whoa! You clicked that really fast.

And you got Italian.

Okay. If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

and this one happens to be Italian,

you want to show them the book, Nolan?

Yeah. Okay.

I’ll show you where to find it in the app.

And let’s try it out.

Are you ready, Nolan?

You can reach that.

Okay. “There’s a..

“There’s a storm.”

We’re going to go to “W”

You can leave that out, Nolan,

you don’t have to put that away.

You can leave it right here.

Okay, so we’re going to go to “W”

and then we’re going to go over to, “Weather,”

to get some good weather phrases.

We also have a box that has a lot of weather in it.

So you can tell all the degrees,

and say what the weather was,

and is going to be, and is,

and all that kind of stuff.

So, “There’s a storm.”

Here we go.

“C’è” “C’è” “un temporale.” “un temporale.”

“C’è un temporale.” “C’è un temporale.”

Can you go a little higher Nolan, so we can see you?

There we go.

Okay, let’s try this one more time.

“C’è” “C’è” “un temporale.” “un temporale.”

“C’è un temporale.” “C’è un temporale.”

I’m going to say it like,

“C’è un temporale!”

Like that. Can you say it scary?

“C’è un temporale!” “C’è un temporale!”

So, as you’re doing a phrase,

and you need a little more focus,

if you know what I mean,

it’s fun to do it in different voices.

Let’s do one where you’re so excited that a storm is coming.

“C’è un temporale.”

Can you try it?


“C’è un temporale!”

“C’è un temporale!”

Why, why are you so excited that there’s a storm?

Because it’s fun.

Because it’s fun.

You think it’s fun and exciting?

Okay, come tell our,

tell our friend that you think it’s fun and exciting.

I think it’s fun and exciting!


We would love to see in your stories

you trying out this phrase

in a different voice, with a different emotion

to try it out. And we’ll be watching for that.

Okay, see you in the stories! Bye!



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