Italian Phrase of the Day! The baby is finally asleep.

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On Monday, I shared with you how Darian wouldn’t lie down for a nap. He would only nap on the go. But our baby is totally the opposite. He will not sleep on the go! But we can just lay him down, walk away from the room, and he’ll fall asleep right away. It’s a sweet treat after Darian and Nolan! Ha! Use the phrase, “The baby is finally asleep,” during the next nap time time while talking with your older kiddos or spouse!

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Shhh. The baby’s finally asleep now.

What, the baby’s finally asleep?

Okay, this is a phrase that we use in our home

because once the baby’s finally asleep,

we get a little break!


Just a little break.

We sure love him,

but sometimes we need a break.

Because he grabs those Legos and

chucks them everywhere.

So today we’re going to learn this phrase

in a foreign language.

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And you can use some of these at bedtime.

Okay, so, “the baby is finally asleep.”

We’re going to try this out in one language.

Darian, grab that random language generator,

and let’s see what language we’re going to

learn this in. Here it is.

Did you push it?

Okay. We got Italian.


Who speaks Italian?


Mario! Mario.

That’s just our little thing to help remember.

Okay, so to find this,

if you have the $35 phrasebook already

in another language,

to find it in the app or in Italian,

you just need to go to,

“B” for, “Bedtime.”

So you hit “B” Or…

You go over to, “Bedtime.”


“B” for–

Your fish, Bubbles!

Oh yeah, Bubbles.

Okay, so the phrase is,

“The baby is finally asleep.”

And for baby.

Thanks, thanks Nolan.

Okay, “The baby is finally asleep.”

It’s at the very end because it takes forever.

Oh! We can do it for a baby girl or a baby boy.

Which one you want to do for? Baby boy

because we have a baby boy?

Okay let’s do that. Here we go.

“Finalmente” “Finalmente”

“si è” “si è” “addormentato.” “addormentato.”

“Finalmente si è addormentato.”

Oh yeah, that’s good.

Did you like her voice in it?

And she was like, “The baby’s finally asleep.”

It was really good.

So to learn this phrase,

every time you put the baby down,

be sure to tell everybody in your family,

or yourself,

that the baby is finally asleep.

All right, thanks for joining us

for today’s Phrase Of The Day!



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