Italian Phrase of the Day! That was funny.

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Happy Halloween! I think this phrase, “That was funny,” is perfect for Halloween! Some people make Halloween spooky, but a lot of the time the costumes can be really funny, or better yet, something funny happens while everyone is out having a great time. Like scaring someone and then laughing about the reaction… My kids favorite for Halloween. Did you see the picture I posted last month while our family was at Halloween Town? Hector looked pretty awesome in his Lego Batman Mariachi costume! 😂 That was so funny that he won!

Although things are a little different this year, I hope your family is able to have a fun night celebrating! Tell me… what are you doing tonight to make Halloween fun?!

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Happy Halloween!!

Today’s phrase is…

“That was funny!”

If you haven’t got our free printable

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we’ve been doing Family Game Night phrases,

which might be really fun for Halloween,

especially if you’re staying home playing games

and maybe you could win some treats.


Okay we’d love for you to comment below

what you’re doing today for Halloween—


or October 31st,

whatever you celebrate today.

Okay, so Darian and I are going to try out this phrase,

“That was funny!”

in a foreign language.

But if you already have the $35 phrasebook,

I’m going to show you how to find it in the app

as Darian and I try out the phrase.

We’d love for you to try out the phrase with us at home.

Now Darian if you could grab that random language generator,

and we will choose which language we’re going to do this in.

So here I have our different phrasebooks.

Okay Darian go for it buddy.


You got “Use Italian at Home.”

Now the buttons are—

if you push your luck.

Oh yeah look at that.

Okay so to find this,

if you have the book it will come with the companion app

with the new speaker audio.

You’re going to go to “F.”



I’m trying to think something with Halloween.



Oh yeah you liked that one?


Okay so we’re going to “Funny”

and now we’re going to say in Italian,

“That was funny.”

Do you remember Italian, Darian?

Remember I would say it’s like— “Croissants?”

no that’s French,

I always say it’s like the “Mario Brothers.”

Oh yeah yeah!

Yeah. Okay here we go. “Don’t touch me spaghetti!”


“È stato” “È stato”

“divertente.” “divertente.”

“È stato divertente.” “È stato divertente.”

Oh, you really liked that one.

“È stato divertente.”

Ah! I had auto-play on.

“È stato” “È stato” Okay do it again—


“È stato divertente.”

“È stato divertente.” “È stato divertente.”

Okay, Darian, how could we add that phrase

while we’re playing a game?

We could add it

like when we’re going to say it.


We say it.

And then we then if you start doing

that over and over again,

and you get really good at it

and then you’ll be the best!

Okay, so like if we’re playing a game

and we’re about to say, “That was funny”

we could say in Italian. Yeah.

And then anytime something happens in a game

“That was funny.” Yeah!

We can say it in Italian,

“È stato divertente.”


“È stato divertente.”

Wow, you learned that one really fast!

I’m very impressed!

So I hope you guys had fun trying

this phrase with us at home.

We’d love to see you using the phrase

in your Instagram stories.

See us on at TalkBox.Mom. Bye!


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