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People are always really surprised when the baby says, “Thank you!” after he is handed something or helped. He says it in three different languages–not because I taught him–but because his older brother’s have set a good example for him. I’m so thankful to have their help in teaching him!

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This week we’re doing short but Encouraging Phrases

in a foreign language,

and today’s phrase is, “Thank you”

for all the compliments you’re getting.

Darian and I are going to try this out in Italian,

but you can DM us or comment

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choice! Boom!

All right!

If you already have the $35 phrasebook

which this phrase is from here, it has the app access,

you can find it in the app under “T,” “Thank you.”

That’s simple enough to find, “Thank you.”

All right, you ready to try this in Italian?


I hope you guys are ready too!

Okay, here we go!

“Grazie.” “Grazie.”

That was really loud.

I had it on really loud.

Okay, I’ll play it again.

Sorry, Darian.

You ready? Yeah.

“Grazie.” “Grazie.”

Huh, was that good?


That’s easy.

Yup, it was easy. Yeah.


“Grazie.” Yeah, that’s really nice.

Good job, high five!

“Grazie.” That’s all—

You’re just kind of saying,

mixing that with the “Gracias,” huh?

Is it close?

“Grazie.” “Grazie.”

Let’s hear it.

“Grazie.” “Grazie.”

Yeah— “Grazie.” “Gracias.”

Are they close, yeah

because they’re both Latin based, that’s cool.

All right, and now you can start using this all the time

and that’s how easy it is

to start using the foreign language.

Thanks for joining us.

And don’t forget to DM or comment

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