Italian Phrase of the Day! Take your clothes to the laundry room.


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It’s teen week! We are focusing on phrases for all those families out there with older kids. So now, your kids can roll their eyes in a foreign language too! Ha. Just kidding… or not. Today’s phrase is, “Take your clothes to the laundry room.” Somehow teens forget that in order to get the laundry done, they actually have to start with getting it to the laundry room. Have fun this week using this phrase. And, if you missed last week’s Phrase of the Day calendar, there’s a phrase for moving the clothes to the dryer that would go perfectly with today’s phrase. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

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Hello and welcome to this new week of our Phrase of the Day

in a foreign language!

I’m Adelaide. And I’m Darian from TalkBox.Mom.

Where you start talking to foreign language the

same exact day you start.

Now, this week our theme is

teenager things some… phrases to say!

Yeah! And these, and I’m gonna let these balloons go crazy!

But you can also….
you can also do these phrases

with younger kids because today’s phrase is, “Take your clothes to the laundry room.”

And Darian was like, “Everybody says that.” Yeah, like yeah…everybody.

But you know what? Teenagers, maybe they have to be reminded more?

But sometimes I forget.

Sometimes you forget? Well, you know what? You might be surprised

to know, Darian, that some teenagers

don’t do their own laundry.

Who does your laundry?

Yep! And my brother all the way somewhere…

downtown. You and your brother, huh?

Do I do your laundry? No.

No, but you might… When I was a baby, yes. When you were a baby.

Do you know some teenagers eat
Tide Pods that you do your

laundry with? What would happen

if you ate it? You’d die. Like first you have…

maybe can have like a 10% chance of living before you go to the hospital.

Oh my gosh, maybe. Okay!

So, here we are.

What we’re going to do is, if you want
to do these phrases

with us this week;

we have the Phrase of the Day calendar

that you can get in the language of your choice.

Just comment below or DM us.

Today, we’re going to do the phrase in one language.

Darian has the random language generator, and he is going

to click that and choose a language.

Okay, here we go!

And you got Italian.

All right! So, if you already have the $35 phrase book, you can follow along

in the app with us in the language of your choice.

So, I’m going to show you how to get there.

You’re actually going to go to “C”
“C” “C” like for cursive!

Clothes… and cursive!

That was a good one. High-five!

It’s right there, it’s right there. Okay.

So now we’re going to go over to, “Clothes.”

Perfect. Okay, and it is, “Pick up your clothes…”

Oh that one we’re doing later this week.

“Take your clothes to the laundry room.”

Ooo, so many good ones for clothes.

Okay, I missed it.

You’re right.

I did miss it.

Okay, here we go.

Let’s hear it in Italian.

Now, we don’t do Italian in our home.

I’d love to! So we’re going to do our best.

So I hope you guys have fun doing it with us.

Here we go.

Oh, hold on.

I gotta crank that, I gotta crank that volume up. Womply! Whoopsies.

To the max!
To the max!

Here we go. “Porta”

Oh, louder. “Porta” “Porta” “i”

“tuoi” “tuoi” “vestiti” “vestiti” “in” “in” “lavanderia” “lavanderia”

“Porta i tuoi vestiti in lavanderia.”

I will try it!
“Porta i tuoi vestiti in lavanderia.”

What’d you think? That was fun! 9 out of 9.

9 out of…9 out of 9? Let’s do it again together.

Here you go.

“Porta” “Porta” that must mean to put. “Porta”

“i” “i” “tuoi” “tuoi” “vestiti” “vestiti” “in” “in” “lavanderia” “lavanderia”

I am the Headless Horseman and I give
you another turn!

Okay, so if you are just starting, you can just do the slow part

until you can actually say the full phrase,
and that’s just fine.

I’m going to try it after I hear
it, and it’s not going to

be perfect because I’m just starting,
and it’s really fun.

And I want you to give it a try, too, Darian.

Let’s get… you give it a try, one-armed man.

Porta…. lavanderia….

That was really good!
“Porta i tuoi vestiti in lavanderia.”

Something like that. Awesome!

Well, umm, if you’re using this phrase with your family;

we’d love to see you having fun using it!
Tag us on Instagram in

your stories @talkboxmom

We’ll see you there!

Bye! See ya!

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