Italian Phrase of the Day! Repeat after me.

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Happy Labor Day!! It’s the last hurrah before everyone gets down to business with school. This week, we’re focusing on phrases some homeschooling phrases. This first phrase, “Repeat after me,” is a great one when you’re introducing a new phrase in your foreign language! Or if you are like me, “Repeat after me,” will be followed by, “I will not eat mom’s peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s.” Hahaha! I am going to need all the treats as we dive deep into the new school year! What’s your go-to treat to help you power through the summer-to-school transition?

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s

Phrase of the Day.

We’re doing foreign language phrases about homeschool.

Yes, we’re doing some fun homeschooling phrases.

You can comment and DM us to get this week’s

Phrase of the Day calendar all about homeschool phrases.

Okay, Nolan and I, are going to try out our first phrase

which is, “Repeat after me,” in one language, right?

If you already have the awesome phrasebook,

then you can follow along in the app for the language that

you have. And again, we’re just doing it in one language.

So, Nolan, go ahead and choose that language for us. Go!

Alright, he chose Italian. I pushed it, like, two times.

To get to this phrase in any language that you have,

Nolan, at the very back of the book,

there’s a thing called the Toolbox. That gives you tools

to be able to use more of the language with native

speakers and do other things.

So now we have, “repeat after me.”

We have it to one person, or to two or more.

I’m usually with two kids.

So I might say it to two or more.

Should we try it to one person, or two or more, Nolan?

Which one you want to say it to? You choose.

One person?

Okay, let’s do it.

Here we go.

Are you ready to try it?

It’s Italian. Who speaks Italian, Nolan?

Mario. Mario. It’s a Mario.

Oh, yeah. It’s a Mario. He speaks Italian.

So let’s talk like him.

Are you ready?

Okay. Okay.

Here we go.

“Repeti” “Repeti” “dopo di me…” “dopo di me…”

“Repeti dopo di me…” “Repeti dopo di me…”

Ooo, sorry. You’re going on. Let’s do the first one.

Come on. Are you ready, Mario?

If you’re Mario, can I be Luigi?

Or are you Luigi?

No, you poopies.

Okay. We don’t say that. That’s not nice.

Can I be Princess… Princess… Pete? Princess…

What’s the princess’s name? Princess Peach.

Oh Princess Peach. Who’s Pete?

Oh, is he the dog? The really big dog from Goofy?

No? That’s a different princess?


Let’s try, “repeat after me,” again.

“Repeti” “Repeti” “dopo di me…” “dopo di me…”

“Repeti dopo di me…” “Repeti dopo di me…”

It’s a go. It’s a go. Does he say, “pizza go or it’s a go?”

Pizza go. Pizza go? Okay.

So, “Repeti dopo di me…” So to teach this to your child

you would say that, and then you can actually even tell

them a phrase to say.

So if you want them to learn how to say a phrase, which is

really helpful, and like Spanish when you say things like

say, “accabo… like, it’s all gone,”

you’re saying the word “say” which is Spanish, but your kids

might think you’re saying it in English-

You’re eyes are circly. Are my eyes circly?

So this can be really helpful when you’re either teaching a

phrase or when you’re homeschooling,

and you’re reciting something, or learning something,

or doing instructions. Alright.

Thank you so much, Nolan, for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

I had a lot of fun being Princess Pete with you. Peach.

Oh, I mean Princess Peach.

Fine, I’m going to grab you.


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