Italian Phrase of the Day! It’s time for dinner.

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“It’s time for dinner!” That’s right, this week we are using phrases that we say every night! Hector is a better cook than I am. He makes a really great lasagna, which is unfortunate for me, because I have to be dairy free. The boys are happy to eat it up though! What’s your favorite dinner to make right now?

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It’s time for dinner!

That’s today’s Phrase of the Day.

This week we’re going to be working on

dinner time phrases, Darian.

What do you like to eat for dinner?


Cotton candy.

Cotton… oh my goodness!

How many times have you eaten

cotton candy for dinner? Zero times.

Zero times, that’s right, that’s right.

But that’s what you would

like to eat for dinner?

Could you imagine if we could eat stuff

like that and it wouldn’t make us feel gross?

I’d have brownies and ice cream every dinner,

but instead we’ll eat some veggies.


So we are going to learn this

phrase in a foreign language together.

We have a free Phrase of the Day calendar.

And how can people get that, Darian?

Well, there’s a link of the description down

below, or you can DM us.

Or you can DM us, that’s right. High five.

So you can DM us for that.

And if you already have the $35 phrasebook,

Darian and I, are going show you

how to find that phrase in the app.

But first we’re going to choose to do this

phrase in one language.

And Darian, you got the

random language generator?

Pusha, pusha, pusha, let’s do it.

Okay, what did you get?



Who speaks Italian?

It’s a-Mario!

Yeah, Mario.


That helps us to remember the Italian.

Okay, so to get to this in the app,

I’m scrolling down to “T” for…


For “Tall.” That’s good.

And then we’re going to go over to, “Time.”


“Time,” “Time,” T… i… “Time to.”

Okay, so now I’m in, “Time to,”

and these phrases are coming up,

and we are saying, “It’s time for dinner.”

“È ora”

“È ora”

“di cenare.”

“di cenare.”

“È ora di cenare.”

“È ora di cenare.”

Okay Darian, I’m going to pretend like,

pretend like you’re playing outside, oops.

I turned off autoplay.

Okay, pretend like you’re playing outside.

Like, playing.

Doo doo doo doo doo.

“È ora di cenare.”


And then you come in for what?


For breakfast?

I mean dinner.

Ah, yes, high five.

“Cenare” is dinner.

Let’s listen to it again.

“È ora”

“È ora”

“di cenare.”

“di cenare.”

“È ora di cenare.”

“È ora di cenare.”

Okay, I’m on my phone on Facebook.

I’m Facebooking it up.

And daddy told you to come get me.

What do you say to me?

“È ora di cenare.”

Yes, high five Darian!

So practicing situations like that can help

make the phrase a part of your life.

So when he really does have to get me

for dinner, he can say, “È ora di cenare.”

All right, thanks for joining us for

today’s Phrase of the Day.


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