Italian Phrase of the Day! It’s about time to leave.

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I always give my boys the 5 minute warning. Most kids need time to process and prepare for switching gears. Use the phrase, “It’s about time to leave,” the next time you want to give your kids a heads up. How much time do you usually give your kids to switch? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or longer?

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Hello and welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day!

Thank you Darian, we are doing Time’s Up phrases.

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Today’s phrase is, “It’s about time to leave.”

All right.

All right, so Darian, we’re gonna do this in one language.

If you already have the $35 phrase book,

I’ll show you where to find it in the app.

Darian, are you ready to choose the language

that we’re gonna do this time? I forgot to

show them the $35 phrasebook.

There’s the phrase book. All right, let’s try this out,

ready Darian?

Go, go, go!

Okay. We’re doing it in Italian.

So let’s try that out in the app,

whatever language you have,

you’re gonna go to “G” and then you’re gonna have over

to “Go.” Good dog?

Good dog.

Okay. And then,

the phrase again is, “It’s about time to leave.”

Here it is.

Let’s try this out, Darian.

Thank you, Nolan.

Nolan’s off-camera cheering for us. Thank you, Nolan.

Here we go.

“È quasi ora” “È quasi ora” “di andare.” “di andare.”

“È quasi ora di andare.” “È quasi ora di andare.”

Do you like this, Darian? “È quasi ora di andare.”

That was really good!

“È quasi ora di andare.”

Now we’re just starting Italian.

So it’s, it’s fun when we’re still

getting used to all the sounds.

Remember it takes a couple of weeks to a couple of months to

hear all the sounds being said.

So as you,

I don’t know if you can hear our cheerleader off camera,

as you add these phrases into your life,

you’ll get even better and better at saying them.

So to teach this phrase to your child,

whenever it’s about time to go, you can say it in Italian,

and if they’re not sure what it means,

say it in English and then Italian again, to reinforce that.


Give me some high fives, Darian.

Thanks for doing today’s phrase and trying it out with me.

All right. Thank you all, bye!

Bye! See you tomorrow!


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